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Fillmore VideoStudio x2 Free Edition X2 universal register machine | download VideoStudio VideoStudio x2 ri The score: 8

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Software introduction

Ulead VideoStudio X2 universal serial number registration machine Is a free activation code generator. Provide free activation function for the official version of VideoStudio x2 users. If you don't want to buy the official version of the X2 software can be registered this VideoStudio, machine tools use the site to provide the automatic generation of serial number activation! Welcome to download.

Software introduction

VideoStudio X2 is a simple and easy to use personal home video editing software, it will bring the fun shooting and movie clips to you, a director of addiction, record every bit of life, making a wonderful film. Through learning VideoStudio tutorial The teacher, will teach you the use of powerful VideoStudio editor, from capture, editing, transitions, effects, and overlap, subtitles, music, to burn, let you all-round level family movie clip out of Hollywood.

 VideoStudio x2 general register machine

VideoStudio x2 registered machine instructions:

In 1, green resources website for free download and install VideoStudio x2 software, and prompt registration;

2, open the registration software, software in the program option, Choice Corel VideoStudio Pro X2;

3, click the activation button to generate the activation code, the activation code to activate the software registration software to paste;

Matters needing attention

1, the register of special nature, part Anti-virus software Please turn off the false positives, anti-virus software to use, otherwise it will go wrong;

2, registration for x2 software testing machine with videostudio, business Please buy the use of legitimate software.

VideoStudio x2 software features

1, the rendering process can close the preview window, to save system resources.

2, according to the Intel four core processor specific optimization.

Any panel 3, software interface can freely adjust the size.

4, a large number of new templates, especially rich in HD quality template.

5, can be directly to the video uploaded to YouTube, and WMV, H.264, FLV and other formats.

6, the new painting editor (Painting Creator).

7, NewBlue movie special effects, 5 kinds of filter provides 81 preset effect.

8, support iPhone iPod and apple Touch, from which the export file will be imported, or video.

9, the new H.264 Decoder That can be quickly to high-definition video encoding and retention High quality 1440, support x 1080 and 1920 x 1080 resolution output.

10, intelligent agent editing using low resolution file for editing and preview HD video, thereby reducing the consumption of system resources, and edit 300% faster, but the final output full resolution still retain the original HD content.

11, can be directly from HD Video camera Import Blu ray files, edit can directly output to burn Blu ray discs, without loss of quality. Supported formats include BDMV, HDV, AVCHD, JVC, TOD etc..

12, the MPEG optimizer will automatically analyze video rate, and gives the recommended setting, guarantee the best quality of the output video at the same time, you can also specify the size of the video output.

Decompression password:

Software screenshot

Download address

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