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Software introduction

Win8.1 activation tool is a product key by providing a key to activate the genuine Windows8.1 operating system free to activate the software, so that users can experience genuine system stability and convenience, green resources are welcome to download!

Win8.1 activation tool points

The activation of Win8.1 system, need to connect to the network, and the network of schools, computer time cannot be activated! Can use compressed within the NetTime.exe network school.

The activation of win8.1 tutorial

After 1, in the green resources network download and unpack first run KMSpico_setup.exe activation tool;

2, after the completion of the installation, will automatically jump out of windows, click the big red button can activate (click the Create can activate backup file);

3, wait a moment, Win8.1 system activation completed;

4, we can see that after the completion of activation to the activation state of the win8.1 system properties;

 A key tool to activate the activation of win8.1

5, the activation of KMS is 180 day cycle activation mechanism, automatic renewal, reach the "permanent" activation effect, if there is no automatic renewal, the software can activate the manual cycle.

Win8.1 activation tool key
















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Software screenshot

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