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E v5.5.3.16 version of the Android business E app | download business Business e The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Business e Business app

An entrepreneurial venture e home Wuhan science and technology limited company developed a mobile app application, users want to venture to provide a great convenience, in more famous Chinese entrepreneurs, the user can learn by watching those famous entrepreneurs to obtain successful experience, help yourself a step closer, but also their own release chat topics share to other entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, like the green resources network to download it!

The e business application

E is the mobile Internet business platform created by China entrepreneur, a fortune five hundred company, the former president of Beijing Dr. Chen Jiulin Joseph investment Chinese first focus on high-end business networking.

E - the tiger venture is to raise the safest Chinese equity of small and medium-sized enterprises to raise public platform, 2015-2017 years of entrepreneurial e - the tiger's goal is to help raise Chinese L-quasi-upper Three new board The 100 project is completed 1 billion yuan of the public to raise equity financing.

 E app download business

Business e function introduction

1. a chat hall user experience, comments and other functions;

2. may be of interest to you and chat content, the information in this article, the activities to share directly to WeChat Circle of friends ;

The 3. message anti disturb reminder mechanism;

4. people chat initiated interface, user experience is preferred;

Five Contacts The chat session, to communicate with each other more convenient;

6. see picture is automatically saved after the album problem;

More than 7. record chat pictures after sending problems out of order.

E app business advantage

E app is a business news magazine of the software, a large coffee industry here, here is a business mentor, there are business partners, here every day there will be successful entrepreneurs news and news reports.

E app is a venture with Buddy for the software development of the entrepreneurial dream. The e app business you can not only learn more cutting-edge business information, but also know a lot of the same dream buddy, and they walk together, but also enjoy more services.

Update log

(1) a new revision, the new interface, new experience

(2) increase the equity raise public sector, comprehensive platform upgrade Focus, wealth

(3) repair a version number of B UG

(4) the new login interface, more concerned about the safety of your data

Developer: Wuhan venture a technology Co. Ltd.

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