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BattleForge The 2 version of the game Chinese This modern military game will let you in the very real world games feel the fun gaming experience, with the people's Liberation Army and the National Army collision gameplay, so you can drive high-tech weapons constantly overcome position, defend the homeland, the game scene is very great, show the most extreme of the modern science and technology battle, come Green Download Network resources!

 Battlefield 2 Chinese version

Battlefield 2 Chinese version of the game features

Battlefield 2 "is the" battlefield "series of games in the third works for the first time, background by the real historical battles to modern military war fiction. In the game, game player to use weapons, vehicles and other equipment, derived from the reality. Compared to before, the game uses a highly modified engine, has made great progress in the picture and sound effect. The commander added system and team system, make the team more closely, more competitive.

The hard disk version of Battlefield 2 background

"Battlefield 2" is mainly about the deterioration of the energy shortage in the world and international relations between the United States and the Middle East, Chinese in the 2007 outbreak of a virtual war. The United States Marines and Chinese people's Liberation Army in the Northeast China collision, U.S. Marines and illusory Middle East Union army war in the Middle East Gulf coast. The game did not give a detailed battle who won or lost, it also gives the game player imagination.

BattleForge FY 2 Chinese play version introduction

This made the map according to the number of online dynamic changes in the number of less than 10 cases, the map will zoom to the actual range of 1/10, and the two sides can not use air force (because the plane just took off out). This new design can guarantee against the hot degree. The production demonstration outside the alpha version contains a called "swamp" field map, it is located in the border of Yemen, is a typical map of the middle east. The two sides of the base includes a factory, a refinery and a private, automatic fixed launch rocket launcher and modified by the M1A1 tank single operation bases around the fort.

Battlefield 2 hard disk version about the captain skills

1, drop some vehicles, such as tanks or armored vehicles, off-road vehicles and so on.

2, can launch mortars, artillery command command found armored targets, can clear the enemy attack range.

3, you can see the division and move all the enemy around the map, the timely discovery of the enemy attack or ambush.

4, for everyone to provide supplies, ammunition, medical or can provide maintenance services, but also can get the enemy.

5, you can use the unmanned reconnaissance aircraft continued to report enemy action and range, and to convey to his soldiers.


1, the use of mortars, armored shelling instructions, a wide range of clearance to attack the enemy;

2, our ammunition, medical assistance and maintenance services, the enemy can also use;

3, UAV In combat, the enemy found action and azimuth information transmitted to fellow soldiers;

4, tanks and armored vehicles, off-road vehicles and other large equipment can use airdrop.

5, through the observation of the enemy and to mobilize the deployment map, the timely discovery of possible attack and ambush;


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The second floor Jiangsu Yancheng Mingda Vocational and Technical College guest users Published: 2017/12/6 14:48:45
Love, the ideal game low with the game player. Although stop taking, but people modified offline online edition!

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The 1 building in Sichuan Nanchong Tietong guest users Published: 2017/8/7 20:45:24
I want to do is download, the battlefield 2, or Chinese version of the game screen, ultra clear so much fun.

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