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Folder encryption wizard free version v5.5 of registered machine / code Genius | folder encryption The free version of the folder encryption Wizard The score: 8

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Software introduction

Folder encryption wizard version is a powerful encryption software, this software has high safety, simple operation, convenient use, need friends can download free green resource network.

Folder encryption wizard version introduction

Folder encryption wizard is a very powerful encryption tool that can encrypt files and folders on the computer, including mobile phone files, U disk files, hard disk files can easily perform encryption.

 Genius folder encryption

Folder encryption wizard free version features

Camouflage encryption

The folder encryption disguise disguised as a special type of folder and hide the file in the folder so as to achieve the purpose of protection. This machine is suitable for ordinary users and mobile storage folder encryption.

Mobile encryption

The contents of the folder in the encryption and decryption procedures can be generated, independent encryption decryption. For ordinary users of the machine folder and mobile memory.

Fast encryption

Is encrypted by setting permissions, and encrypted folder can prevent delete, copy and rename. The characteristics of high speed, the size of a folder encryption 1G seconds, the machine is suitable for hard disk folder encryption (not suitable for mobile encryption).

Security encryption

Is the file folder encryption through transform its content into the machine and garbled, suitable for mobile encryption. Encryption is used with the three DES encryption algorithm. For the high security requirements of the user's computer and mobile storage folder encryption.


Focus on folder encryption, has nothing to do with this function is not set, and the function of a concise description.

Provide three kinds of decryption operation, can fully meet the needs of different user preferences;

Carefully designed to ensure the software error UF Integrity and robustness.

Safe and reliable, the software provides a variety of different levels of security on the machine and mobile access device in folder encryption.

Decompression password:

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