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Taking o2o v1.0 version of Android Phoenix cloud Phoenix cloud app download | Phoenix cloud o2o The score: 8

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Phoenix cloud provider o2o app Is a discount Shopping The platform provides massive commodity, comprehensive coverage of health care products, food, daily necessities, beauty Skin care So, price concessions to ensure genuine, every day there are lots of seckill activities for you to participate, welcome to download the green resources!

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According to the regional online shopping mall, find businesses through alliance membership nearby, to store consumer participation rates. And obtain the corresponding points. To help businesses to promote sales, member consumption. The increase in viscosity.

 Phoenix cloud app

Phoenix cloud app features

1, exclusive privilege: every day a variety of clients enjoy the price of goods, without fear of price;

2, the sea Amoy cross-border Online retailers : The original cross-border direct purchase, overseas shopping spree, "live mail tariff" three packs of direct overseas direct purchase of electricity, origin;

3, the arrival of lightning: Lightning served a single button, wait for delivery at home.

Developer: Guangdong Phoenix Network Polytron Technologies Inc

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