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Tencent 2017 screenshot tool (scroll screenshot) v2.0 the latest version of the official Tencent screenshot tool snip2.0 download | Tencent 2017 screenshot tool (scroll screenshot) The score: 8

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Software introduction

tencent Screenshot tool Snip2.0 windows Is a win, win8, win10 and other PC terminal installation Computer screen Software。 The software supports full screen scroll screenshot, screenshot function, can automatically identify the window information, screen more easily! Come and download network using green resources.

Tencent snip2.0 screenshot tool features

Mail to share, not a moment.

Screenshot content wonderful, often have to share with friends. Bind the QQ mailbox, you can click through the mail to share screenshots in time. Let share faster and easier.

 Tencent screenshot tool 2017

The rolling screen, the perfect show

Browse the page for a long time, Snip still can be easily intercepted the entire page. Start rolling in [] in the screenshot preferences, selected window area screencast only after the click of the mouse, the page will be the perfect present.

Retina display support

Support high resolution to show every detail content. In the Retina display on your Snip to cut Screensaver To "authentic", provides an excellent ornamental effect.

 Tencent screenshot tool 2017

Associated with the QQ mailbox

Use the QQ Mac OS mailbox can also use the screenshot function! You only need to check the option "QQ mailbox in the Snip settings panel, Snip will install the appropriate for you Browser Plug-in unit。

 Tencent screenshot tool snip2.0

Automatic identification window

In addition to the manual plan selected screenshots area, Snip can also automatically identify each window on the desktop. In the screenshot process, when the mouse moved to the window, the window will be highlighted by recognition. At this time, you only need to click the mouse, you can complete the selected window area is identified.

 Tencent screenshot tool 2017

Rich repeat markers can be edited

Snip provides a rich tag function, including rectangular, circular, arrow, and text Graffiti . These markers can choose different thickness and color. Not only that, in your mark after if not satisfied, can also be changed again on the mark, adjust their position, size and color, until you satisfied.

 Tencent screenshot tool snip2.0

Common problem

1. set up a "save only to Clipboard Under the circumstances, what is the convenient method in the screenshot will save the contents to the local?

Snip2.0 supports option save mode: if set up "only to the clipboard, hold down the option key, can be saved to the local content of the current screen;

On the contrary, if the set is saved to the local, hold down the option key, the screen content of current only to the clipboard.

2. at the same time how to operate multiple graphics tags?

Hold down the shift key, at the same time Choice Multiple graphics can be selected after mark, move, zoom.

3. how to use the scroll screen?

If you download and install Snip, this version does not support scrolling screen. Please download and install again in the official website.

If you are from the official website to download and install the Snip, please Snip [] preferences in check "start rolling screenshot" (Firefox does not support rolling screenshots).

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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