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Berlin commandos 3 target trainer +7_ Chinese version Commandos 3 modifications | Berlin commandos 3 target modifier The score: 8

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The game is introduced

commandos 3 modifications Is a specialized commandos 3: aid target of Berlin to create the game, modify a total of 7 property modification, interested friends welcome to download experience green resources network!

 Commandos 3 modifications

Commandos 3 game

"Commandos 3" 4 battle of a total of 25 tasks, which should be considered in London teaching battle, in this battle game player into the German Embassy to steal confidential information. Each campaign has its own story line, but the game player can Choice The different order of battle, do not have to start from the first. Before the second world war has not appeared in the scene will emerge in the Stalingrad for example in, the battlefield, landing on the beaches of Omaha D-DAY war game player even sneaked into the Gestapo headquarters is located in Berlin and opened fire, and another task you will appear on the train, and the whole Nazi thriller deal.

Commandos 3 modifier function introduction

H--- invincible

I--- open contact

B--- close contact

T--- removal time limit

E--- any open fire

R--- any shooting off

K--- the mouse point to the enemy, he will begin to kill his own people

P--- make the enemy friendly to you.

Z--- 0 is the enemy of health

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