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Software introduction

Mesh monitoring software version Is a powerful Network monitoring software With this software, remote video recording, video playback, video recording, alarm and other features, users need to download welcome to use in green resources network.

Mesh monitoring software introduction

Mesh monitoring software is a monitoring software that can monitor Internet chat, video surveillance, monitoring, monitoring screen, mail monitoring, file copy control, insert U disk monitoring, URL filtering, port plugging and so on, you can control, but also can control, let you know all the computer operation for the behavior of employees.

 Mesh monitoring software version

The advantages of mesh monitoring software

1. advanced core engine

The product developed using the core engine of SECSPYIT core, with excellent stability and efficient algorithm, stable performance and powerful.

2. high security

Using self-developed high-performance dedicated management platform design, will monitor and control, management, alarm modules combine to provide more security control. Advanced structure, excellent performance, powerful, stable and reliable.

3. excellent performance monitoring chat record

Chat record mesh monitoring module can not only monitor the domestic popular chat software, such as QQ, MSN, Skype (, Ali Wangwang - trade version, Taobao Wangwang, UC, Fetion YAHOO,...)... Also, the support of many foreign chat software, such as ICQ (AOL, AIM, Google, Talk, Yahoo, Messenger, Excite...... ).

4. mail monitoring support types

Mail monitoring can not only monitor the OutLook or Foxmail through POP3 protocol and SMTP protocol to send and receive mail, also can monitor the popular web mail, or directly through the website and send and receive messages, such as the commonly used 126163, hotmail and so on.

5. all-weather supervision

Mesh enterprise computer management system in the opening of the state, the management of the computer for all-weather all-round supervision.

The application of 6. in various network conditions

The company's network, the network is not the same, the demand is also different, some are within the same LAN, there is some construction VPN, divided into different segments, some companies distributed in different city......

Our system can automatically adapt to a variety of complex network and management requirements, and provides convenient Choice The two versions: LAN version and Internet version.

7. humanized design UI

We always adhere to a principle: software should be people-oriented, so our products are always contains powerful features, but is simple and easy to operate user interface, even if the enterprise management is not very proficient on the computer, can quickly familiar with the daily operation of all products.

The function of mesh monitoring software is introduced

real time monitoring

The screen real-time picture real-time view / control of a host computer of the screen, and can use the multi screen control function, see 9/16/100 multiple computers at the same time the current picture.

Video screen

Can set automatic video after boot, each picture on the user computer operation will not be missed, and can directly view any time remote online video playback

Mobile phone management support

Managers can use mobile phone or tablet computer can control the computer company, iPhone, iPad, Android etc..

Web site management

To control the controlled end browsing, grasp the end whether the work time browsing the unrelated website.

Chat behavior control

Chat behavior control of the controlled terminal, can control domestic and foreign common chat software.

Message control

Control controlled terminal mail, support the common and popular web mail client mail.

Document leak prevention

In the document encryption version, important documents can be set to specify the suffix of the normal use in the company, once left the company or copy computer will remain encrypted into garbled

File backup

In the document encryption version, managers can set the specified or all of the staff of computer automatic backup of important files on the computer, don't worry about the staff intentionally or accidentally lost damaged files

Sensitive operation alarm

When the controlled end triggered a sensitive operation (for example, copy the files to the disk, QQ chat, etc.) management interface will get alarm.

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