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A process manager (windows process management) v4.0 Green Free Edition  A process manager (windows process management) The score: 8

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Software introduction

Windows process manager tornado special edition is a free computer software process management. Can carry out visual monitoring system, can automatically shield malicious processes, custom settings need to shut down the process etc.. Users need to download welcome in the green resources network.

Software introduction

A process manager is a task management tool that provides visual monitoring of any process system! Can clearly show the system in any process of the running time using CPU and ram occupancy software. Would you like to know each process in the system is what? Are you worried about the dangers lurk in the system a virus or Trojan? Windows process manager can help you clearly understand the process information, its powerful process information database contains almost all system processes and many common application software processes, and the process of virus and trojan...... Windows process management process in addition to providing query capabilities, but also provides a powerful process management function and system monitoring function. It must be your understanding, management process and maintenance of system security and stability of a good helper.

 Windows process manager tornado Special Edition

The new function of tornado Process Manager

A process of suspension

As the name suggests, can you do not understand the process of suspension but not the end of it, and can be restored at any time, it is worth a try!

Two, malicious process automatic shielding

This function is very good, do not understand the process of friends, strongly recommended! Sometimes, Anti-virus software Cannot delete or isolated a virus, because the virus is not the end of the process, the task is to process management professional to deal with it!

The traditional function:

A color display process, process information with different colors indicate the level of security

1: black with detailed information process (system or application process, the normal but may also be the same file name of the Trojan horse virus);

2: Blue - unknown process (normal process, easy to use the virus or Trojan need attention);

3: Red - virus & Trojan process (dangerous).

Two, the process of treatment

Once a process has a problem, can direct the right end of it, or even delete it if not the end of normal, and forced the end of this option for us to deal with some stubborn process is very good.

Three, replace with Windows Task Manager

You can click on the tool to replace task manager, then press ctrl+alt+del you can call it out.


For normal users, directly run folder Windows process manager tornado special edition in PrcMgr.exe

For the normal operation of the user

Run the patch PrcMgrPatch.exe

Run the program again in PrcMgr.exe

. Decompression password: www.137844.xyz

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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