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Software introduction

Global riding app Is a very easy to use Bike sharing Travel software, users can use the software based on the location of a search for nearby vehicles, fast scan code car, no price change whenever and wherever possible obstacles, convenient use, solves the problem of short distance travel, welcome to download the green resources!

Global riding official website

Global riding greatly enrich you in the scenic area of the play, refused to fly in the form of a new form of play while riding the edge to bring you more fun experience.

 Global riding

Global riding characteristics app

One Insurance Apply: The site submitted to the insurance application, fast claims

2. site Navigation : Quick view near the site, a key navigation

3. vehicle rent: a key scan code to complete the car rental

4. temporary lock: without the car, you may rest, temporarily locked, convenient framing

5. attractions: view the popular attractions, voice broadcast

6. car settlement: no deposit required to generate a key stroke, bill

7. see: see nearby businesses recently promotions

Eight Circle of friends : Share each moment with friends

Create intelligent leading riding platform!

Developer: Zhejiang global science and Technology Co Ltd

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