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Lumion How to use 5.0 to register? Here are the Green Resources Network Xiaobian bring lumion5.0 to registry machine and tutorial for you, through this software can help you quickly crack lumion software, need friends welcome to download free green resource network.

 Lumion5.0 ri

The lumion software is introduced

Lumion is a professional 3D visualization tool. Powerful software will create terrain, atmospheric environment, material editing, animation and video clip collection in a body, the operation is simple and easy to get started. With real-time display, without rendering, you can get the final effect. Lumion is often used to make movies and the static frame works, involving the areas of architecture, planning and design.

Lumion5.0 crack tutorial

1. installation of Lumion_5_LUM5PRO_HS Architects application. We remember when the installation must be English path, the best way is the default, the non English way will lead to render material appear black. Follow the prompts to install. Suggest install this software computer configuration must meet the software requirements, specifically to see the Internet standard. The software occupies large space.

2. after the installation is complete, open the registry, (with administrator open for Anti-virus software Manslaughter can be shut down antivirus software), click the left button, a text, is to add two lines of text in the meaning of host, the specific operation to see the next step.

3. open C:\Windows\System32\drivers\ Etc And find the host file, right click with Notepad Open, with double row in the end,

Click save and exit.

4. back to the registered machine, click PATCH, then click on the prompt, successful, and then find the dynamic link library file A550BB21-BE5C-4675-B53E-3FA246F76538.DLL in the Lumion5.0 installation directory under the channels folder, find a replacement (this step, individual software was not done)!

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