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Spyder3Elite display color correction software v3.0.7 green version of Chinese _ registration code Professional color correction tools download | Spyder3Elite display color correction software The score: 8

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Software introduction

Spyder3Elite is a display color correction tool , sometimes you want to view your display color distortion, you need a professional correction tool, Spyder3Elite supports a variety of display screens such as LCD/TFT/CRT, notebook computer projector and screen, multi screen correction, studio / Workshop on the screen corresponding collective function, real-time correction and accurate inspection gray algorithm, independent colorimeter functions can be customized luminance response curve.

The new features of Spyder3Elite:

1. stunning new shape design, lightweight body, volume less than 37% Spyder2, large aperture (aperture), 4 times the amount of light, less noise, higher accuracy, shorter access time

2. new design of intelligent ambient light sensor, special effects, can measure and calculate the ambient light base, which can take three tripod to correct the projector, stunning new design simple operation interface diversification type picture for contrast correction


The advantages of Spyder3

To become a digital image Master, first of all to have a strict color management idea, in order to judge photography or video graphic color quality. In the past become photographers preferred!

Spyder2Pro is a new generation of products: Spyder3Elite

1.Spyder3 is smaller than Spyder2 37%

The accuracy of 2.Spyder3 is higher than that of Spyder2 29%

3. first school colors faster than Spyder2 29% to 5 minutes, twice as long as the school colors to improve 64% 2.5 minutes

4. provides the latest 7 light engine

5. photometric sensitivity increased 400%

6. intelligent environment light detector design


When you are in the calibration of CRT, LCD or notebook computer display, and can be a sucker using Spyder3 instruments, can also be used alone.

A * * with sucker

If you use the sucker, please ensure that all the clean screen and sucker. A sucker slightly wet can enhance the adsorption capacity. The equipment will be firmly pressed onto the screen, so that the sucker fully compressed, Spyder3 can remain in contact with the surface.

Remove the Spyder3 from the display, please use the suction side to release the spring chuck.

Don't use a sucker * and *

If you do not intend to use the Spyder3 to display fixed sucker, sucker from the instrument must be moved, so that the equipment and complete contact screen. If you want to remove the sucker, please seize the sucker and the lower edge of down - gently rotating chuck helps remove chuck. Chuck will slide out from the keyway.

On the move after the sucker, it can be Spyder3 USB cable to fall from the top of the vertical display, and adjust the weights, the equipment no longer decline, in order to hang Spyder3.

Check the corresponding entries that you will use what kind of attachment. In this way, the application can provide the corresponding instructions

Be careful

This software is built on the official Chinese simplified and traditional Chinese support, after installation in the language (Language) option there Choice Simplified Chinese (Simplified Chinese or Chinese GB).

The registration code:


Key: 302730-245110-113103 890710-242410-113103 200710-085090-113103

Software screenshot

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