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Hanwang Hanvon Tang pen tablet driver TR-TP216 official version The tr tp216 driver | pen Hanwang TR-TP216 Hanvon Tang pen tablet driver The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Tangrenbi Tablet driver

The pen tr tp216 driver is designed for the tr-tp216 tablet to create Hanwang pen drive setup. The pen tr tp216 green resource network brings the driver can run on win7 and XP system, a friend in need, please download it!

Driver introduction:

Tang Renbi Hanvon Tablet driver The program is a necessary component, connected to the computer, should be used only after installation.

Hanvon Tang TR-TP618 pen tablet driver, is Chinese pen tablet latest official driver, if you have this tablet, if you cannot connect the tablet computer, then try to reload the driver.

Installation instructions:

Decompression directly open the setup Setup.exe

Before the installation needs to be connected to the computer handwriting board Tang Congbi USB mouth

The software parameters:

Product size: 205 x 180 x 15mm

Product weight: 181g

Product type: drawing board

Control buttons: white

Supports hardware ID:



Software screenshot

Download address

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