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CuteFTP Pro 8.3 Fillmore green version CuteFTP 8.3 registry download | CuteFTP Pro 8.3 registered machine The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: CuteFTP FTP tools

The CuteFTP 8.3 registry is a crack for CuteFTP software tools, CuteFTP is a compact and powerful FTP tools, through this software can help you quickly get registration code, welcome friends to download the site.

CuteFTP 8.3 introduction

CuteFTP FTP, one of the tools, and LeapFTP and FlashFXP and FTP musketeers. The transmission speed is faster, but sometimes for some education FTP site but not connected; the speed is stable, which can be connected to the most FTP sites (including some education sites); although CuteFTP is relatively large, but it comes with many free FTP site, rich resources.

 CuteFTP 8.3 registered machine

CuteFTP 8.3 features

connection wizard

Continuous transmission, file transfer until completion

Shell integrated

To give an error message

Restore the transmission queue

additional firewall Support

You can delete the files in the recycle bin

The site on the site of the file transfer (FXP).

Custom operation schedule

Remote file modification

Automatic dialing function

Automatic search for files

CuteFTP 8.3 registered machine instructions

After the installation will replace file decompression, copy the 2 file inside the EXE below the C:\Program Files\Globalscape\CuteFTP directory, replacing the original file, enter any registration code to register.

The default is English operation interface, switched to the Chinese interface is as follows:

Click on the menu Tools -->Global Options, find the Display-->Language option and then Choice According to chinese.lng OK, restart the software is Chinese version.

CuteFTP 8.3 registration code





Decompression password:

Software screenshot

Download address

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