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Software introduction

Tengen 2013 ri Is a specially built for 2013 Tengen software activation code acquisition tool, through this software you can use free 2013 Tengen software, need friends to download it to the green resources network!

 Tengen 2013 registered machine

Tengen 2013 software introduction

Tengen 2013 is a professional electrical software, the software summary for many years engaged in electrical software development Experience with their respective characteristics of the current domestic similar software, collecting a large number of design units of electrical design software, electrical software efficient to launch the design personnel. In the professional function, Tengen 2013 embodies the perfect function system and operational flexibility with the maximum close to the engineering design. The basic function of embedded 2013 Tengen Tengen company strong building TArch software, can draw the enhancement of architectural plans of custom objects. This software supports both in plane electrical drawing It is building Draw the construction conditions, is compatible with 6.X, 3.X drawing construction graph.

Tengen 2013 registered machine instructions:

1. the weather station to download 2013 registered Tianzheng Electrical machine and electrical

2. after the installation is complete, open the registration interface, the machine code duplication

3. open registry, Choice Tengen, input machine code, will get the registration code copied out

4. will complete the registration registration registration code input interface

Decompression password: www.137844.xyz

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