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Alcohol 120% RI (alcohol serial number 120) Alcohol 120 registry download | Alcohol 120% RI (alcohol serial number 120) The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Alcohol120 Fillmore

Alcohol 120 registration machine is designed to help users registered alcohol 120 tools that provide quick registration registration code, if you need, then come the green free download network resources!

Alcohol 120 registered machine instructions

1. in green resources network to download and unzip the file

The 2. copy of the Patch directory of the MSIMG32.dll files to the installation directory covering a file with the same name.

3. to start the program, if not registered or prompt words, Choice Just register, enter any number characters can be successfully registered!

 Alcohol 2.0.3 ri

Alcohol 120% serial number:

Alcohol 120% V4.0 registration code:

Serial number: PE-2AbA-8798-1E12-5E9A

Alcohol 120% V1.9.2 simplified version Chinese registration code:


Alcohol 120% V1.9.2.1705 complete edition:


Alcohol 120% registration code:


Alcohol 120% registration code:


Alcohol 120% registration code:


Alcohol 120 software is introduced

Alcohol 120% is a combination of virtual and CD burning tool software, it can not only complete the simulation of the original CD, but it can also be used RAM mode 1:1 read and burn and faithful CD backup or to CD image file stored on the hard disk, even (copy protected CD can normal production the image file and burn to CD, simply can break protection! ), support directly read and burn all CD image file, will not burn out CD image file can use the Alcohol 120% simulation CD-ROM CD CD image file, DVD-Video types), can be directly read and run CD files and programs, more powerful than the actual CD-ROM.

Decompression password:

Software screenshot

Download address

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