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Microsoft office2016 for 32/64 a permanent activation crack version Chinese free full version Office2016 crack version download | Microsoft office2016 permanent activation crack version The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Office2016 Office

Office 2016 crack version Is a favorite by the majority of users Office software , this software has the function of common text, spreadsheet and presentation etc., this version has been permanently activated, welcome friends to download green resources!

Microsoft Office crack version 2016 introduction

The basic component of Office 2016 is Word, Excel and PowerPoint However, users can now use Word documents collaborative work. Increase the commercial version of Skype Microsoft is still in the Word document, so that users can chat with colleagues or partners and video calls.

Microsoft also launched the GigJam private preview, this tool allows users to work collaboratively across devices and applications, Microsoft will in 2016 will be added to this tool in Office 365. Office 365 is Microsoft Office application subscription service, and Office 2016 is the retail version.

Office version and related tools

Office2019 Office365 Office2013
Office2010 Office2007 Office2003
The WPS version of office mobile phone Office compatibility pack Office tab

Office 2016 version features permanent activation

Image search function

Office2010, you want to insert the network image, open the page Browser Search for pictures after insertion of a PowerPoint presentation, or the use of [insert] the search function of Office shear shear painting painting official website pictures.

tiny Test According to user needs in this area, in PowerPoint, users simply can use in Office Bing The search to find the right picture, and then insert them into any Office document (an increase of [insert] - online picture function).

Fast analysis tool

For most users, the best method to analyze the data and display data is always a headache. With Excel rapid analysis tool, this problem becomes more simple, user input data, Excel will provide some suggestions to better format, and presents the analysis of data and so on. Even some senior Excel users will love this very.

Operation interface

In contrast, Office 2010 interface looks somewhat lengthy even a little feeling out of date, however, the new version of the Office 2016 suite has made great improvement, 3D band image Office 2010 file open at the beginning of the canceled, increase large single image. A new version of the Office suite to improve not only made some superficial work. The "file tab" is a new feature, users operate more efficiently. For example, when the user wants to create a new document, he will be able to see the preview image many available templates.

PDF document

The PDF document is really a headache, say it is troubling because this kind of document used in the work a lot of inconvenience. Even if the user wants to intercept text from the PDF document formatted or unformatted are some crazy. But there is a new version of the Office suite, this problem is no longer a problem. Open the package Word PDF file When will be converted to Word format, and the user can edit them freely. You can save the PDF file to modify the result to Word or support any type of document preservation.

Automatically create bookmarks

This is a new function, for those with a lot of Word document dealing with people, which will undoubtedly improve their work efficiency. The user can navigate directly to a job or browse the page without drag the scroll bar". Early versions can be in again when the document is opened by (Shift+F5) put the cursor in the last position when the document is closed.

Install and activate the office2016 tutorial

Installation tutorial:

1. decompression is installed in the office2016 Green Resources Network download package (must be extracted, not directly in the compressed inside the installation), provides 32 bit and 64 bit operating system, we choose according to the number of.

2. open the "Office_2016" folder, find the file "setup.exe", select "run as administrator" (pictured)

 Office2016 crack version download

3. check "I accept the terms of this Agreement", click "continue" button

4. installation, there is Install now and custom installation (two The difference is: the immediate default path, install all components; you can specify custom installation path and select only the required components installed )

 Microsoft office2016 version

5. set the path, choose the installation component, click the "install now" button

5. then we have to do is wait for a relatively long time (please don't close the software installation process)

 Microsoft Office 2016

6. installation is complete (the success of the installation interface as below)

7. here office2016 is installed successfully, in all programs, you can find the office2016 component installed (pictured)

Installation notes:

First of all, to other versions of Office installed before unloading, unloading must be clean, otherwise can not be installed, will have the following tips.

Office uninstall tool recommended : Office2007 uninstall tool , Office2003 uninstall tool , Office2013/365 uninstall tool , Office2010 uninstall tool

Secondly, if the installation process prompts "Microsoft setup bootstrapper has stopped working" (pictured), please restart your computer and then install.

Activate the tutorial:

1. not to run a office2016 component that will prompt "has not been activated" (pictured), then the following teach you how to activate

2. open office2016 activation tool folder, find "office2016.Exe activation tool", select "run as administrator" (below) [Note: start before the activation of the best off Anti-virus software In the process, to avoid false positives]

Other office2016 activation tool : Office2016 professional plus activation tool , Microsoft Toolkit , Office2016 activation tool KMS

2. click on the "Windows Office" genuine and permanent experience (need to wait for the next button)

3. after successful activation will be below this prompt

4. once again open the office2016 series software, you'll find that you have activated, please see below

Office2016 enhanced version of the activation key

A, office2016 professional plus key (Retail retail version):













Two, Office 2016 Pro Plus Volume License MAK Key (VL volume licensing edition):


Do not want to use the activation tool, but also can directly enter the activation key.

After installation, run the office2016, that is not activated, click on "change your product key"

The top of the key input, click "continue" button can activate

Office2016 and office365 comparison

Microsoft is currently the main push office365, many people do not understand the office365, think it like traditional office kit, in fact they fundamentally still has the very big difference.

Office365 is essentially a network service instead of a traditional office20162010 application, and this is a local application.

Office 365 is a subscription service, be sure that you always have the latest Microsoft tools. For families and individuals, small and medium enterprises, large enterprises, schools and non-profit organizations Office 365 plan. That is to say you can always have the latest Microsoft office suite, also pay a monthly fee, can not buy, like these and we often use the QQ member, or stop buying service.

The traditional Office is a one-time purchase of products Sale This means, you need to pay a down payment to get a Office application on a computer. A one-time purchase of the product is suitable for PC (for example Office home and student 2016) and Mac (for example Office home and Student Edition 2016 for Mac). The product is not a one-time purchase upgrade Option, which means that if you want to upgrade to the next major version, you need the full purchase price.

For ordinary people, the traditional office has enough, after all, in 2018, there are a lot of computer is running Office2003 For many people, and can be used on the line, and not by.

Update log

A, Excel 2016

Improvement and repair procedures: try to print the document and in the presence of Excel 2016 Printer driver program Dialog box After using the mouse scroll wheel, Excel crash.

Two, office2016 improvement and repair

1, when you try to connect to the list on the SharePoint site, may freeze a visit in 2016.

2, in the cell copy and paste in Excel 2016 Excel help in the task pane when the contents of the "login dialog box, can only be closed by at least 10 times.

3, when you save at the same time in the field, then the multiple fields you edit contacts, may cause some loss of change.

4, in some cases, some version of Office does not support Office 365 experience Web add the specified requirements. Therefore, Office Web may not add to Office 365 and earlier versions of the show in the early version of Office.

5,.Htm and.Html file context menu English instead of the correct language display.

Three, OneNote 2016

This update resolves to meet Holland function into a view.

Four, Outlook 2016

This update includes the following improvements and fixes:

You try to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Microsoft Outlook 1, when the external program (Outlook client) presented to the folder pane in the Outlook web page, view pane will be empty, "waiting for pages retrieved from the CRM server...". Never load the corresponding pane ".

2, when the rapid steps for creating task aided mailbox, the task is to save the main mailbox and the owner is also set to the user's mailbox.

After 3, the mailbox from the backend to migrate to Office 365 environment, you can log in, but can not send mail.

4, when you try to access a public folder in Outlook 2016 content, Outlook 2016 could collapse if the connection with the MAPI/HTTP. Outlook 2016

The sender sends 5, when your organization external email attachments to Office 365 modern group, the attachment does not display the message, display the paperclip icon even in the message list.

6, Outlook client may create some special folders have duplicate server folders in the mailbox.

7, if you have configured the Outlook configuration file before using multiple accounts and open the saved draft email and send e-mail messages, the digital signature options, Outlook 2016 may use the account certificate not correct to mail digital signature.

8, when the Outlook has enabled the federal information processing standard (FIPS) mode, this scheme has made updates to support key length of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm of 256.

9, the improvement of the Swiss translation.

10, this update resolves the problem of truncation in the dialog box to add public folder in the German version.

11, if you use Outlook 2016 some time. If there is a reasonable amount of memory usage, the available memory space of continuous use. This will lead to fragmentation and non present user interface. This update 32 version supports Outlook 2016 address recognition (LAA) state.

Five, word 2016

This security update contains improvements and fixes the following non security issues:

1, close the unsaved information Authority management (IRM) Office Open XML (OOXML) document, Word claimed to be retained changes are not saved, but will actually generate damaged.ASD file.

2, if you open in Word 2016 based on untrusted document template (.Dotm). Then, to edit it and create a new document. If you turn off the first document in save situations, Word 2016 will freeze.

3, on the Windows Outlook client, contains large inline picture email does not display correctly.

4, and other user created Word document, if there are other restricted style in the document, the normal style can limit the document.

In 5, Word 2016, IME combination may encounter unexpected stop.

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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