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The activation of office2016 win7 tool kms 32 bit v10.3.2 the latest version of the official The activation of office2016 tools kms download | Office2016 activation tool kms win7 32 bit The score: 8

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Software introduction

Office 2016 activation tool KMS Is a very good use of office activation tool, we just installed Office2016 When there will be some can not identify the problem with the computer system, this time you need to use kms to activate, welcome friends in need to download the use of green resources!

The official introduction

The activation of KMS tools, can automatically identify the need to activate the Windows and Office version of VL, no need to activate the network can support the creation of automatic detection, automatic renewal plan, compared with foreign similar tools, since that is the best use of the (small, open source code / concise, simple operation, no residue, the file) many users recommend testing this script, activate the highest success rate.

 Office2016 activation tool kms win7 32 bit

Office2016 activation tool KMS

1. without networking, activation of high success rate, fast speed, supports almost all VOL version, support automatic renewal;

The activation state, 2. check Windows and Office automatic activation of Windows and Office KMS keys;

3. under Win7 without installation .NET Framework 4 You can use the;

Office2016KMS activation tool

1. install KMS to activate Office. Running the KMS installation package, and then click Next, and then press I Accept....

2. don't change the default address, the next step. Then you can Choice Tick, don't create a shortcut. Then wait for the KMS installation is complete.

3. find the installation location of the KMS, if not change, in the default C:\Program Files\KMSpico path. Double click to run the KMSELDI program to exit 360 (or run this program Computer housekeeper Etc.).

The 4.KMS interface, then click the next page in Tokens, according to 2016, I taught here only for activation of Office2016, you can also click on the 2010. There are other win, Office2013, Office2016. The activation method is similar, there is no details about the. Then click on the The right Side finger place. Then pop up some activation information, this representation has been activated by Office or Windows.

5. finally open a Word document, click the file to view the account is already activated products.

6. see if windows has been activated. Right click on my computer - properties. You can see that the windows has been permanently activated.

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