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Software introduction

Software label: citic securities

citic securities To the letter Almighty edition online trading system Is a new generation of online trading system for the majority of investors in the China Citic Securities Co. The software market, trading, information integration. Provide free switch interface, a variety of landing mode, convenient operation, powerful function is complete, and the system speed and ability to handle complicated operations, the number of concurrent online capacity, will bring a new experience for you.

CITIC Securities to the letter Almighty edition introduction

CITIC Securities to the letter Almighty version of the online market, trading system, powerful function, convenient and quick. The transaction integration support all current trading function, common stock to support the national stock transfer, margin trading, Shanghai and Hong Kong, Hong Kong, stock options trading function, customers in the same interface can be convenient for the transaction and query types. The market integration in support of the common A, B stock and delay Hong Kong stocks Support; stock index futures and commodity futures market. Stock option, through Hong Kong and Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong through margin trading customers, please download this version of the client program.

CITIC Securities to the letter version of the installation tutorial

The installation file 1, double-click Download: new_zxzq.exe. The following diagram:

 CITIC Securities to the letter Almighty Edition

2, click the "run" button, pop-up installation interface is as follows:
 CITIC Securities to the letter version

3, click on the "start after installation". If the folder does not exist will pop up the prompt interface, prompted to create the folder. If the file already exists (previously installed) program will not prompt the interface.

4, first click the "OK", then click "start the installation". For the first time setup without the prompt interface, if you have installed the software prompts as below.

5, click "continue installation". The end of the installation pop-up interface, you have successfully installed.

6, after the completion of the installation, the following shortcut icon to the desktop to appear. You can double-click to run the program.

7, double click on the desktop shortcut icon display, system login interface, as shown below. Enter your account number and password can be carried out online trading operations.
You can also Choice "The independent market" only view real-time market information, can also choose "independent transaction" only log into the trading trading operation interface.

CITIC Securities to the letter version of communication settings

If you are in units of the Internet, and have limited access, please server connection detection and communication settings according to the following steps. Set up after the success, you can normal operation.

A connection to the server, testing

1, double click on the desktop shortcut icon display, online trading, market entry interface as shown below.

 CITIC Securities to the letter Almighty Edition

2, click the "system test", "master speed" pop-up interface, the program will automatically detect the master server market, after the test will appear as the interface.

In addition to select "trading center, and then click on the" start speed "test" of trading center server. Line test Test. After testing the interface as shown below.

 CITIC Securities to the letter version

If the market master and trading center has a successful connection speed, the master before the name of the "circular logo" into green. You need to "direct communication settings", click "back" button for login.
Otherwise, if all of the market trading center showed that the master or the "connection failure", that you are unable to connect to the server, can not see the market and trading operations. The need for further communication settings to connect to the server.

Two, check the network and the installation of the firewall

1, first check your network is connected:

A, check whether there is loose cable connected to the computer.
B, check whether the Modem is open, dial.
C, open Browser Visit a website, for example, ( or ( are able to browse the web.

In 2, make sure your network is not unusual, and can normally access the Internet website, open the web page under the condition. If all of the market master or trading centers are the connection fails, you need to check the firewall.

3, you first check whether the machine install firewall software, such as: Skynet firewall, firewall and firewall kingsoft, Jiangmin Norton firewall, firewall etc.. If you install a firewall, the firewall settings and you are familiar with, can be added to the client software exception or allow access to the network can be. If you are not clear about setting up a firewall, please turn off the firewall or exit.

4, check whether to open the firewall Windows. The steps are as follows:

Figure click the "start" - "" Settings "," control panel "Popup as follows Dialog box :

 CITIC Securities Almighty Edition

Click" Security Center "Enter the security center set up the interface, as shown below:

Click the "Windows firewall" into the firewall settings interface, according to the following tips, the temporary closure of Windows firewall. If you are familiar with the firewall settings, you can add the client software to the exception in the "exception" tag without having to fully close the firewall.

Close the firewall, then in accordance with the "system test" in the steps of server connection test. If your network connection fails, there are restrictions on the program. The need for further communication settings.

Three, communication settings - enabled "Easy Access server"

1, open the login screen click, as shown below:

2, click the "communication", the pop-up communication settings dialog, and identifies the set according to figure. The abolition of the "master" login to find the fastest, and in the three station, the main station, select market information trading center in the box are unified user network corresponding to the area, select the line site. As shown below:

3, and then click "enable Easy Access service" to display the following tips, then click "ok". As shown below:

4, in the selection of Easy Access server matched with the market master ". If the market master chose the "Beijing Unicom station" to choose "Beijing Unicom" Easy Access server; if the market master chose the "Shanghai Telecom Station" should choose "Shanghai Telecom" Easy Access server. As shown below.

5, click "OK" button appears, as shown in the interface, you can click on the "test agent" button to test the server connection.

6, the program automatically detect the server will pop up the test results. The following tips box:

If the connection is successful, as shown below:

If the connection fails, then the prompt:

If the test is successful connection. Please click the OK button and exit "communication interface. You can enter the account login to our server, view real-time quotes, information and stock trading transactions.
If the test results suggest that the market can not connect to the master station. You may also need to proceed to the next step of setting.

Four, communication settings - proxy server settings

1, if you need to use a proxy server to the Internet, it also needs to set up communications in the proxy server settings. Whether the method of viewing the Internet using a proxy server as the following steps.

2, open IE browser , click the tools menu in the Internet options". The following diagram:

3, select "Internet options" menu pop-up as the interface, select the "connection" tab, and click the "Settings" button. The following diagram:

4, select the "Settings", while the following dialog box, check the settings in the interface of the proxy server. As shown below:

5, if you are using a proxy server in Internet, it also needs "communication settings" to the proxy server settings. Please set the proxy server as shown below:

After all the settings, you can click on the "test agent" button to test, check whether can connect to the server.

Software screenshot

Download address

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