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With the latest version of Android mobile phone client v2.4.0 Era Dance era Mobile Games download | The era of mobile phone client dance The score: 8

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Mobile Games introduction

The era of dance The latest version of mobile phone edition Is a can bring the most cool dance experience for you. Mobile game We can enjoy such as the game player. Audition The general game experience, carefree rhythm can be completed between many advantages Beauty Game action, the more numerous the grade game let you get a lot of privileges and rewards come green resources network to download it!

The official Dance Age

Heavy plate "dance group" Mobile Games break through the existing art style of the world limits, subversive innovation. And in the game, game player can realize many young boys and girls, and together with them to the game, the game features added to the new social gameplay, let you have different dating experience with a close friend of love, a love friends look forward to the new cultivation system!

 Mobile Games Dance Age

Mobile Games dance era features

Kaku Takashina Trend The achievements of the clothing, cool AU days

The main stage of high cold tone, to meet the ergonomic interface for the purpose, to abandon the dazzling, fancy, let the game player can comfortably for a long time in the game and other game player interaction.

Inheriting the original classic, for most dazzles the world

Build a modern world-class city landscape, the whole game scene innovation and unity, to the game player transfer real telepresence, creating a sound dance game 2 times.

Keep the classic, beyond innovation

To strive to become the new era of social trend of music and dance Mobile Games ICON. At the same time, the 2 version of a breakthrough in the current art style restrictions on the end of the tour classic style and inherit the core gameplay, game player in combination with the results of the survey, the most popular flagship game player Q Version (Q-Reality) realistic style

The long-awaited coming online.

Selection of speakers and dancers to represent the image of dance spirit, speakers animation, dancers will also change with the rhythm of the music, cool feeling full.

The rules of the game introduced

That fashion center system

Want to highlight the personality, you have to say the fashion center system! Entrance fashion center in the main interface of the left side of the fashion center building.

Are in the center of the resources are divided into 4 major categories, can decorate a lot! Such as chat bubbles, text color, color Name, Head portrait 15 kinds of decorative frame decorative items! Is the heart? Go to decorate!

That Hot Springs Plaza system

 The era of mobile phone version of dance

But over the Springs Plaza (hook) (a) the important place of each other! Remember the Daming Lake Lotus Xia Yu, she will come from here! Building a square spring encounter go with vigour and vitality of the main interface!

Many items can be used in the Hot Springs Plaza! For example, the stool can do,

You can change a posture!

In the stage area can dance together with the game currency!

Together with the hot springs can also get the experience of value!

Conduct Play a game !

Watch the fireworks together!

So much fun, good-looking, not waiting for what!? Take your favorite Ta to Hot Springs Plaza!

That dance club system

Daily attendance and the troupe contribution is the main way to enhance the level of dance and honor. Dance mall is not only in the synthesis, usually used in dyeing, the evolution of material, is a rare personality items!

Dance but the collective honor the highest performance, join the dance, not only can be integrated into the dance age family, but also get some benefits! Entrance Dance system on the main interface of the dance club building.

Mobile Games.

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