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Win8 Professional Edition 64 activate the latest official version of tools Win8 professional edition download | activation tool Win8 Professional Edition 64 activation tool The score: 8

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Software introduction

Win8 Professional Edition activation tool is a very easy to use win8 system to activate the software, can effectively identify and activate the Windows system and Office system, allowing the user to install the system after the normal operation of the computer, there is a need to welcome friends to download the use of green resources!

The official introduction

The pony KMS8 OEM system is a simple and easy-to-use tool with one click activation, activation, humanized design, all active software activation rate is highest! Is a kind of enjoyment! Kms8 is the real OEM earliest activation tool (oem7 series version, 7 at the end of 2009, the old brand, began publishing) be assured, the original variety of techniques to make kms8 always ahead of other activation. Oem8 oem7 continuation of the classic activation problem is a key to solving all existing Windows system, to achieve a permanent perfect offline activation, completely beyond any other activation.

 Win8 Professional Edition activation tool

Win8 Professional Edition activation tool features

1. do not need to manually Choice Software version;

2. do not take any system resources!

Install 3. precise identification on the computer all versions of Office and Windows system;

3. do not need to enter any path;

Support version:

Support all 32 /64 Windows system and Office2010/2013 Office software !

Update log

1. support for the latest Windows 8.1 update;

2. genuine intelligent recognition system, will not be forced to cover activation;

3. for the pre installed surface Office2013 Support;

4. some details of the optimization!

Decompression password:

Software screenshot

Download address

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