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Win8 Professional Edition 64 /32 latest Mianjiaoguo Download the win8 professional edition system | Win8 Professional Edition The score: 8

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Software introduction

Win8 professional edition system Is a very easy to use computer to install the system image file, small as we bring the 64 bits and 32 bits, the user can according to their own computer Choice , support multi task operation, embedded software store, you can easily install the required software, there is a need to welcome friends to download the use of green resources!

The official introduction

Ghost win8.1 is a modified version of the type based on Microsoft's Windows 8.1 operating system; GHOST is the main backup take mirror system partition or folder and restore data. The design features of GHOST can restore the backup data early, GHOST can add a number of parameters in the boot command line in order to achieve more functions. So from a practical point of view of the Ghost win8.1 is more suitable for the different needs of the environment, can meet some class and some people use habits.

Win8 professional edition features

1. your Windows, can be used anywhere

Any place with you. Use your Microsoft account to log on to any devices running Windows 8.1, you will see the layout, and set the same application. By using the Microsoft account (only an email address and password you choose) login, you can also visit Windows The app store The application of colorful world, they can help you in the O neDrive online storage, view and edit documents and photos.

2. personality

The start screen magnet personal lock screen password.

You can be on your most important content on the start screen, can be photos, friends or trends in your favorite websites and applications. You can also select the color and mobile content, until everything is satisfactory.

3. use of multitasking

 Win8 professional version of the system 64

Windows 8.1 lets you work according to their own way of love. Any Windows computer or tablet computer can perform multitasking, so you can easily switch between different tasks. During the chat with friends on Skype, available Wikipedia article, let the debate. Or play music in your resume letv Frequency, make your resume more fascinating. According to the size of the screen, you can view up to four applications at the same time.

4. a search, Everything is contained therein.

Bing Intelligent search can provide all the results from the computer, network and application. Results are displayed in a neat graphical view, allows you to quickly find the target content. (did not provide some functions in all areas.)


Your files are always with you.

OneDrive is built in Windows 8.1 free online storage. Automatically save documents, photos and other documents to the OneDrive, you can from your computer or any devices at any time to access them. You can use OneDrive to protect their own files, so as to avoid computer problems. You can also use OneDrive to share and collaborate with others, and view the various content in mobile phone and non Windows devices.

6.Internet Explorer 11

Fast, smooth, touch and

Internet Explorer 11 now have more tabs, more simple controls and touch more smooth response, can bring the perfect touch experience. Internet Explorer hardware acceleration full hardware potential, make the site load faster, smoother browsing.

The 7.Windows app store

Loaded with various applications

Starting directly from the screen to open the Windows app store, you can browse and download pictures, sports, cooking, application and other aspects of the news, many of these applications are free. Sort by price, category and rating. Application of old and new applications to find your love hot.

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