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PHP automatic code generator (PHPMaker) v10.0.2.0 latest free version (with register) PHPMaker2017 crack version download | PHP automatic code generator (PHPMaker) The users score: 8

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Software introduction

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PHPMaker crack version 2017 is a super good use of PHP automatic code generation tool, this software can provide users with more professional PHP script, so you can enjoy here is not the same wonderful software function, there is a need to use this software to friends as soon as possible to download green resource network!

PHPMaker crack version introduction

PHPMaker 2017 is automatically generated by e.World Technology development tools PHP code. It is a run on the Windows platform based on MYSQL data base PHP automatically generated script software. Using the generated PHP code, you can browse, query, modify, add and delete the WEB page to the database records. Use it only takes a few steps you can get the complete PHP code.

PHPMaker cracked version of software features

Create database, create database including auxiliary current or other projects, easy access to the database and retrieve data

Using the handlebars.js - typeahead.js custom template

With the information recorded in the main view

In the master / detail view for the CSV export subsidiary records

Multiple file upload file upload separator separator for separating, the specified file name

The use of ColorBox image

Use responsive layout

Use the drop-down list on the move, use the drop-down button button button group to replace the data save more space for mobile mode

Decompression password:

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