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The theme of the official version v2.4.0 IOS version iPhone hospital Apple download | theme hospital The theme of the iPhone version of the hospital The score: 8

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The theme of the hospital IOS version The end of the tour is a simulation of Mobile Games transplantation, in essence Beauty The scene in the hospital, many patients waiting for your wonderful treatment, whether you can complete their request, better run, you play as 2017 yo comedy in the green resources network!

IPhone version of the official website of theme hospital

Salute the apple mobile phone version is the subject of hospital "to the classic PC single theme hospital", but also to modern people "out of force of mental illness" ceremony. Feel good style familiar friends do not doubt their own judgement, the "battle meow star" from production team's hands, so that there is more funny than, let's take a look at the highlights of the game.

 Theme iPhone mobile phone version of hospital

Apple Mobile Games play theme hospital

As the saying goes "everybody is sick!" Although the theme and technique of expression is a spoof, but "many diseases" in a certain subject hospital on you and me are reflected, if you do not want to in the new year is still the ills troubled, try to "theme" hospital register see a disease! The uncle thephrase? Don't look at advertising, see the effect!

Game player to play "detached" bughouse Dean, to build a building for suffering from online shopping addiction, procrastination, self addiction and other modern disease patient service super hospital. In the hospital physician idol group will continue to attract the patient's arrival, you can in the patient runaway before, timely and effective cure for them? This is a huge challenge. In addition to the expansion of the hospital, the game there are a variety of hidden items waiting for you to explore, and constantly improve the cure efficiency they will you!

Apple theme hospital Mobile game Highlights

Super Stemmy is waiting for your discovery, absolutely let you laugh out!

Promotion and salary raise, when the general manager, served as CEO, win marry white Formica, toward the pinnacle of life!

Encounter the magic of the patient, the disease found wonderful

 The theme of the IOS version of the hospital

Think about it, is not there a little excited? But all this is not true......

The collection of mysterious props, found the hidden story

The nurse and MM chat and make love to do (ah, this is not the key)

The expansion of your hospital, led it to the pinnacle of the industry

Self addiction, online shopping addiction, procrastination... Can be cured meow star technology!

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