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Telecom Tianyi broadband client v1.3.3 latest version Tianyi broadband client download | Telecom Tianyi broadband client The score: 8

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Software introduction

Tianyi broadband wireless LAN client can bring you many broadband access services, have a feedback function, all kinds of network control function, let you realize network in broadband network using experience, feel better integrated broadband experience!

Tianyi broadband wireless LAN client introduction

The client is Tianyi broadband broadband access and application integration software China Telecom to provide users can access to the China Telecom, Tianyi Tianyi broadband broadband WiFi, 3G, 1X, Tianyi broadband cable broadband network, providing network access capabilities everywhere for users, and through a variety of application aware application integration convenient to users "equal to anything".

 Tianyi broadband client

Core function

1. per month (100 free SMS to support telecommunications, mobile and China Unicom users to send free SMS), and the timing and charging short message service;

2. China Telecom covering all network access (Tianyi broadband WiFi, 3G broadband, Tianyi Tianyi broadband cable broadband 1X and ADSL);

3. large capacity Tianyi cloud (cloud network disk) experience the wonderful life, video, photos, documents and other storage at any time, space is not a problem;

4. communication phonebook aides never lost the book, more convenient contact management;

5. more free value-added services to the Tianyi broadband client, for example: Tianyi video And online business hall, 189 mailboxes, cinema pass, weather forecast etc..

Update log

New features:

1. new feedback function, make communication easier

Long show 2. WiFi increase long card remaining, real-time control of the remaining duration

3. new different network free experience WiFi, fly the general network at your fingertips

4. increase rate of instant view, view real-time upload and download rate change trend

5. new applications of home management, the selection of the most popular application at a glance

6.MiFi and WiFi integration, more convenient connections

7. SMS storehouse to increase the classification, blessing Satin Easy to find

8. increase in public directory applications, quickly find public service contact number

Content optimization:

1. main interface drag area expansion

2. mail list increase retrieval, find contacts more convenient

3. adjusting the whole text, button, pop and alignment, make the interface more beautiful input box etc.

4. right click login Tianyi account

5. message from the Trash Icon alignment, increase tooltips reminder message icon

6. SMS status adjustment

The main 7. interface function button click operation optimization (before response to press the mouse, now is the mouse in response to missile)

8. all kinds of account input box automatically remove the space

This is also the only Telecom 3G Internet client version can send text messages.

Software screenshot

Download address

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