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The Milky Way Chinese securities v2.68 official version of Neptune cloud services The Milky Way securities Neptune | Download The Milky Way China securities Neptune The score: 8

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Software introduction

China The Milky Way securities Neptune V2 Is the function of the securities trading software Chinese the Milky Way securities company. The software has a strong addition to the functions, there are a number of free interface Choice And a variety of landing mode, meet the needs of different users, is also very easy to use. Come to the Green Resources Network Download experience!

Software introduction

Neptune is a new generation of the Milky Way securities online trading system. Set prices, trade, information integration, to provide free multi interface switching, multi landing mode. Convenient operation, powerful function, fast speed and complete business concurrent processing capability. Provide display of the stock index futures market.

 The Milky Way securities Neptune

The software features

You are on a different machine, different management system to view, zishuagu convenient through the cloud service

Support business through Shanghai and Hong Kong

Mercury reservation withdrawals and T+0 fast cash business

Support the transfer of H shares B business

Support the delisting finishing board and risk warning board business

In support of the National SME share transfer business

Support Shanghai quoted repo - tiantianli and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange quoted repo - gold business.

Support securities lending business

Set prices, trade, information integration

Provide free multi interface switching, multi landing mode

Support of new shares in the ballot reminders, bulk purchase of new shares, the main function, through combination of custom settings, the gem shareholders to sign

Support counter market products business (OTC)

The increase of nine days, nine days guards yood strong authentication; increase reserved authentication information, IP display and other auxiliary safety mode

Convenient operation, powerful function, fast speed and complete business concurrent processing capability

Provide display of the stock index futures market

Easy Access function is can help you break through firewall restrictions

By setting the "terminal" financial account, see the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Level2 high-speed market

8 label quotes and a share in the increase of stock research reports and our latest products etc.

Function introduction

Custom layout, individuality

The layout allows users to customize according to their needs analysis interface software willfulness arranged in a plurality of analysis window, so the user can see more information on the same page. Users can also customize the good layout to save, export or import, and the exchange of user customized other layout.

ETF analysis, capture more arbitrage opportunities

Through the comparison of superposition index and ETF, grasp the changes in discount, premium, capture more arbitrage opportunities

Mobile chips, exact distribution

Mobile chip distribution help you stand in the dealer's point of view, overlooking the straddle both sides of the game, how to clear chips quantity and price distribution in the shareholders, especially the banker's hands, in order to determine the nature and trend of stock market prediction, rise time! Remind the chips will be distributed to the banker in the "rising power", quietly closed the dark horse in the future to pick up the "things"!

The trading system, colorful K

Through the trading system of instructions, the system can help you in the K map marked on the eye-catching buy and sell signals, you can better analyze the laws of history of a stock, to predict the future. Automatic recognition of typical K-line combination! Specific K-line patterns often indicating the effect is very accurate, the system provides many kinds of colorful K formula, elected in a pattern, the system automatically identified in the chart will belong to the mode of K-line, at a glance. In addition, the system also supports the highest indicator.

The exact right, powerful

The automatic and accurate rehabilitation treatment the one and only, to ensure absolute continuous technical analysis! When considering the effect of accurate ex dividend bonus, stock options and dividends on stock price, make the technical analysis more accurate and more complete. Support all cycles of rehabilitation, rehabilitation support, after rehabilitation, and the right to information database maintenance and support, further eliminate the influence of the trend of the ex dividend.

 The Milky Way securities Neptune

Common problem

1, can the Internet can not connect online transactions

Browse the Internet page using the 80 port, the port is generally not sealed. Neptune has its own communication port: 7708 market transactions; 7709; 7711; 7720 Hong Kong stocks and futures; as long as the port is closed there is no way to use neptune. When there is this problem, please make sure customers online:

(1), if the unit is on the Internet, please contact the customer as soon as possible and unit network management personnel, to confirm whether there is the corresponding port shield.

(2), if the home internet access, please confirm whether the use of the router, people use the internet. If this is the case, it is recommended that you review the router settings or restart the router.

(3), check the machine firewall or anti-virus software settings, whether the use of the port Neptune shield.

Or choose Easy Access in "communication". But Easy Access is not a panacea, it is using the 443 port if the port is closed, so Easy Access will not work.

2, some customers can not display the status bar

The problem in the v2.06 version before some customers use affected on the client program, in some settings system settings a status bar display, anti interference "to solve the options on the hook. Or download the v2.06 version of the above client.

3, on the part of the Neptune system LAN users can not log in

The user's LAN and Internet connection if the export port of the set, resulting in the use of the corresponding port of the online trading software cannot log in, 4 port Neptune used for the 7708 and 7709, 7711, 7720. If there is not even on the LAN users system, please contact the customer network, these ports can be opened.

Some of the stock 4, why the proof (such as industrial and Commercial Bank of China) total market capitalization is different from other software?

The total market value of proof did not calculate the H shares of the total market value, refers to the mainland market, the stock market value of A.

What is the cycle?

So explain! We use the daily chart for some investors love technical analysis; some love for 5 minutes K-line; some love to use for a long time, for example. So in the formula design, allowing users to choose the different preferences of different analysis time -- you can choose a different period.

What is the stock condition?

Simply speaking, is in accordance with the conditions set by your computer to help you do some too complicated to pick -- you have some good ideas and methods, the more than 1000 stocks, you are 100 pairs of eyes sometimes may not be able to see it, then the computer will come in handy!

What is the parameter?

For example: the 10 day moving average, you can take 10 days as a parameter is, do you think need to change it into 5 days, you can use some simple methods, such as parameter wizard to modify and adjust easily. The parameters need a name, such as M. The range of parameters but also the requirements, such as 1 to 260 days. So we can adjust the M between 1 to 260 of the value of the M, the most commonly used number of fill in the "default" column, for example you most love with the 10 day moving average, then fill in 10.

Update log

V2.52 update:

1. support OTC transfer business

The 2. mercury T+0 rapid withdrawals, ballot reminders


Software screenshot

Download address

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The new version is ah! The Milky Way securities software is complete sea ah! I like it

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