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Blue Synopsys IP Internet v1.9.1 free PC version Check the wages of | flying Internet Download Blue Synopsys IP Internet The users score: 8

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Software introduction

blue CISCO Check the wages of flying Internet technology Wage query service computer version is designed to help staff workers of blue Si for each time period, while also providing online communication services, is a group inside the Internet software, make the office more convenient, fast to download it green resources network!

Check the wages of the official Internet pigeon

Is a Instant messaging software Cross platform transfer, support for text, images and sounds and expressions; the data support the internal query. It is indispensable to realize enterprise information automation tools.

 Pigeon blue thinking Internet search wages

Check the wages of the characteristics of software interconnection pigeon

1. for the blue Synopsys internal employees to bring the service work on

The 2. day can safely through the Internet at work when the IP information transfer

3. to help the user to provide the latest information and the latest blue Synopsys notice

4. can receive timely information to the leadership

Blue thinking dove interconnection function

 Check the wages of flying Internet Download

1. wage query

2. communication function

3. send message function

Mobile information sent between 4. user support

Blue Synopsys IP Internet enterprise introduction

LAN Si technology is a research and development, production and sales of high-end glass door window touch panel, touch control module and touch window protection new material the main business of the listed companies. Company founder Ms. Zhou Qunfei started the business in 1993 in Shenzhen, founded in 2003, blue Synopsys, December 2006 in Hunan, Liuyang through the open area of investment in the establishment of LAN Si technology (Hunan) Co. Ltd. the development from the special ability development of mold design, special production equipment development, fast development and special products scale production, process, technology, scale has been ranked international leading position.

Developer: Blue Si Polytron Technologies Inc

Check the wages of IP Internet The computer version of the installation method:

1. on the computer to run the first to install a Android simulator :


Note: XP users need to install Windows Installer 4.5 and .Net framework 2 SP2 , otherwise it will prompt an error.

Windows Installer 4.5 official version simplified Chinese: Http://

Microsoft.Net framework 2 SP2 version of the official installation: Http://

2. complete APK download the file, right-click the APK icon, select open --BlueStacks APK handler installation

After installation, the academic version of the computer icon grid simulator interface will appear.

3. perfect run

Then click on the bottom right corner of the BlueStacks wrench icon, choose to change the size of the program

Then find the installation package, select the Tablet, click on the "Done" button.

Then return to the main interface, click the icon, you can run the APK file

BlueStacks simulator installation tutorial: Http://

Well, here to enter the formal installation steps:

1. open the way: Figure

 Android simulator operation Figure 1

2. the installation process.

 Android simulator operation Figure 2

3. installation is complete You can find my application has been installed to check the wages of the computer version of Internet IP Click on the icon, you can play the academic lattice!

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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