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Software introduction

Software label: Vray2.0 ri Vray

Vray 2 ri Is a build specifically for the VRay renderer authorization code registration machine tools, the machine through the registered software available free Vray crack code, need friends, welcome to download the use of green resources.

 Vray2.0 ri


The VRay renderer provides a special material - VrayMtl. The use of the material in the scene can obtain more accurate physical lighting (light distribution), faster rendering, reflection and refraction parameter adjustment more convenient. Using VrayMtl, you can use different textures, the reflection and refraction, convex and displacement maps, forced direct global illumination calculation, Choice For material BRDF.

VRay2.0 registered machine instructions

VRay will jump out of the "V-Ray license server" warning in the installation Dialog box , click "OK" is, and then will pop up "license application requirement to enter the license, then open the" Vray registration machine ", and then copy the" permit "request in the code, paste it into" Vray register "of the" code "column, will automatically generate the authorization code below, replication authorization code to permit application" and "input license" column, click the "OK", then click "OK", finally complete the installation.

Decompression password: www.137844.xyz

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