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HP HP Pavilion series G4 sound card driver v6.10.6425.0 latest version HP G4 driver download | HP HP Pavilion series G4 sound card driver The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: HP Sound card driver

HP Pavilion G4 series Sound card driver program The official, the latest driver, designed for HP notebook to build, need to download it here, can go to the official website to look for trouble. HP Pavilion G4 series notebook sound card with a variety of models are used IDT chip, can be used.


IDT High Definition Audio sound card chip: CODEC

WINXP driver version: 08/19/2012,5.10.6425.0

WIN7 driver version: 08/19/2012,6.10.6425.0

WIN8 driver version: 08/19/2012,6.10.6425.0

Hardware ID:HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_111D&DEV_7605&SUBSYS_103C166E&REV_1001

Installation instructions:

Driver installation file download the "setup.exe" automatic installation package only INF file and manually install the package, use the following

1) automatic installation package, unzip the package directly run setup.exe to complete the installation, first install the driver and then connect equipment.

Features: simple, with the corresponding management software, you can add and delete the control panel.

2) manual installation package, unzip the downloaded driver to the folder, and then in the device management Install the driver for the selected equipment, Choice Update driver - Installation - driven to decompress the browse folder to complete the installation from the specified location. Click to view detailed tutorial manual update drive method.

Features: accurate, convenient, does not produce junk files. (through accurate judgment of the hardware ID driver)

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