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The chkrecovery registry cracked version v3.40 free green free version Chinese _ free registration code Chkrecovery crack version download | Chkrecovery registered version machine The score: 8

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Software introduction

Chk Recovery Cracked version Is a leading domestic recovery technology, can quickly recover deleted files chk computer tools in computer systems, users only need to Choice CHK file directory, then click on the detection, detection after select the location to save the file and then click to restore, simple and quick operation, are interested to download green resources!

Chkrecovery crack version

CHKRecovery is a green compact, functional and practical CHK file deletion reduction software is designed for CHK users of the CHK file is deleted File recovery Tool. It can quickly recover and find the chk file in the computer system, and supports a variety of documents over one hundred kinds of automatic identification, and restore the original file format, powerful and practical, users only need to select the CHK file directory, click on the detection after the restoration is complete.

The chkrecovery registry cracked version using the method

1. green resources network to download chkrecovery and unzip to the local computer

 Chkrecovery crack version /

2. right click unzip the folder CHKRecovery.exe, then select run as Administrator

 Chkrecovery RI / crack version

3. right click to restore the file extension of the chk file, then select the shear, create a new folder, and then cut paste into the chk file


4. click CHK in the CHKRecovery behind the main interface directory, and then locate and select save an chk file directory, and then click OK

 Free registration code / chkrecovery

5. click on the detection, find recovery number 1 file type and extension at the top of the file type in the preview box, and record the extension, file extension for.Doc

 Chkrecovery / Chinese version

6. select the file, and then press F2, select the extension, behind the CHK, modified for DOC

 Chkrecovery / Chinese version

7. double click the modified file extension, can be found in file has been successfully restored

 Download / chkrecovery

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