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Acid pro4.0 version is a very easy to use this version of the finished software, do Chinese processing and also comes with a registered machine, it is more convenient, welcome friends in need to download the use of green resources!

 Acid Pro Chinese version


ACID is now the 4 version, added a lot of powerful. I started using ACID 2. The 0 version, later ACID version of MUSIC, MUSIC and TECHNO, including DJ, TRANCE, HOUSE version. Now the main contents of the 4 version include: strengthening the function of MIDI (open plug-in technology in support of YAMAH A, ASIO) to support low latency Sound card driver The standard 5.1 channel surround sound production, plug-in parameters automatic control (Pl UG -in Effects Automation (Bus Tracks), bus tracks), Loop clone, VSTi (VST software synthesizer) and re design the sound engine etc..

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