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Language play 2019 v0.41.1 Android version Language play app download | Language play 2019 The score: 8

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Software introduction

Language play mobile phone edition Is popular among young people a voice social platform, here brought together many users, offers a variety of entertainment, playing games, singing, Satin Everything, online Lianmai HD calls, you can also brush gift to improve popularity and intimacy, welcome to download the green resources!

Play the official language

Love you more love sound.

Begin a 7 day experience ~ love pretend couple from the language began to play

We meet a soul mate, a wonderful encounter begins from here.

95 00 Circle, circle of friends interested in exchange of love, easily find like-minded buddy

Game voice chat dating pretend couple fast speech, and find a stranger heart Secret

Speech Lianmai, the game opened the black, move the hearts of TA with your voice, your heart really for real TA.

The sweet voice of love, at a small object with my pleasure to eat chicken, eat and sleep to the king, Play Doug The starting line, the new company cohabitation experience.

App language can be found in the street playing sound warmer than neighbors,

Love dare to chat, chat buddy come and speak your mind,

 Language play app

There are a lot of 90 after 00 enthusiastic intimate little sister / brother warm man waiting for you to play together,

adopt Multiplayer games And a strange match, as long as you are, we will be able to meet

Stranger, the secret of speed dating tree holes, listen to music and emotion chat room Real love, companionship, cohabitation. Lovers online...

Open the black speech , group chat, singing, games, interactive chat, Lianmai let you, let you quickly find buddy play.

Play the function of APP language

The "7 CP" sound, Yan, soul, let you experience the tide of a couple of interactive mode, here to make friends to witness your every moment of happiness.

"Many people chat rooms" to create free multiplayer chat room, multiplayer and strange, as long as you are, we will be able to meet

"Secret tree hole" stranger fast matching, can always find your favorite voice and soul,

Listen to the music "real" music and listen to music together to share feelings, let us close to each other

"Lian Mai interactive" allows you to quickly find a small partner to play

With "real" with longer, more close to each other, until the overlap. Company is the most true confessions

Language play - there is a warm room waiting for you.

To update the content

1, the new automatic voice message into text

2 new rooms, gold coins

3, the optimization of one message chat background

4, the dynamic share can be specified friends

5, room contribution can be cleared

Software screenshot

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