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11 battle platform dota map hanging v5.5.1 Free Edition 11 platform dota map assisted download | 11 battle platform dota map hanging The score: 8

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The game is introduced

11 platform dota auxiliary map Is a love in 11 Battle platform Game AIDS play dota friend, can achieve full visual display, an enemy hero line, skill CD time easily, love can be a friend to download green resources!

11 platform dota map aided introduction

11 battle platform The map tool is only a 11 free game map auxiliary tool. Mainly suitable for just contact with the game still do not understand the game player to game player started the game faster and better, stable and timely update.

 11 platform dota assistant download map

11 platform dota map hanging function

1: a potent anti prisoners, anti titles. Against relegation, after detection of platform

2: perfect map, non small map display unit

3: non blinking or shut a open a map

4: display units, display rune, white cattle sprint

5: show the enemy hero line, CD skills

6: display resolution phantom stealth, visual field, click the security

7: support 11 platforms: dota IMBA's three strong anti Nobunaga ladder hanging room.

8: auto fill knife, dodge skills, automatic necromancer seckill tips


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