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Personal Tex PCTeX (the typesetting software) v6.1 latest version for free The PCTeX typesetting software download | Personal Tex PCTeX (the typesetting software) The score: 8

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Software introduction

PCTeX Is a professional learning paper PageMaker That is suitable for a variety of professional and technical writing, mathematical formula typesetting, publishing high-quality print file output. PCTeX is a Windows personal computer operating system Latex software, with PCTeX, just by the simple click operation can do Latex science Paper publishing. Welcome friends to download the use of green resources!

The function of PCTEX:

1. support Microsoft Word 2000, XP 2003, etc.

2. only supports Windows platform

3. support Plain TEX, LATEX, AMS-TEX

 The latest version of Personal Tex PCTeX

4. output PDF, PS, EPS, Adobe, Illustrator

5. graphics support PS, EPS, BMP, WMF, JPEG

6. fonts support PostScript, TrueType, PK, fonts

7. DVI drag & drop output to the clipboard

8. built-in TeXSpell spelling check 80000 words if you often published articles and papers in science and technology, and is based on the Latex layout, PCTEX Suite that can save you a lot of time, don't waste expensive to do artificial toil. So PCTEX has become the world's most popular soft body. Millions of people around the world it is being used, the teacher, Professor, postgraduate, PCTEX, is a professional tool for researchers, scientists, analysts, engineers indispensable. PCTEX can make your paper paper submission indispensable software benefited in every way. If you need to. On trial Version, please don't hesitate to direct email. We can support TEX, LATEX, AMS-TEX macro tool containing Graphic, Babel, AMS-LaTex, BibTEX, TEX, processor, PTITEX, PS, EPS, the input pattern contains MP, WMF, EMF format, if you have the format of distress, PCTEX is your best solution.

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