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Protel DXP2004 SP2 Chinese Fillmore simplified version DXP2004 Zhuceji download | Protel DXP2004 SP2 ri The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Proteldxp Fillmore

The Protel DXP2004 register is used to activate Protel 2004dxp software, this software is simple and convenient to use, open DXP software, click on the ADD License, this file can be added. A friend in need can download free green resource network!

Protel DXP2004 software is introduced

Protel DXP2004 is a general EDA software is currently the most popular, it will be the circuit principle diagram design, PCB board design, circuit simulation and design of PLD and other practical tools combine to make EDA work platform, first EDA software design into the popularity of products based on Windows. The software design has rich function, can carry out principle diagram design, the design of printed circuit board and PCB board design, added a new automatic routing function, introduces the concept of integrated library support, more complete Beauty The 3D function is the circuit board design software is currently the most popular on the internet.

Protel DXP2004 registered machine instructions

1, from the green network to download resources: Protel_DXP_2004 And install;

2, PROTEL DXP 2004 SP2 package (including DXP2004SP2_IntegratedLibraries.exe)

3, PROTEL DXP 2004 SP3 (AltiumDesigner2004SP3.exe and AltiumDesigner2004SP3_IntegratedLibraries.exe)

4, PROTEL DXP 2004 SP4 package (also called AltiumDesigner2004SP4)

5, it is recommended to install the PROTEL DXP 2004 SP4, after the operation of annex keygen.exe:

1 User Name: XXXXXXXX) to enter;

2) other Choice The default;

3) Click Pacth, select your installation directory (Program Files\Altium2004\) in DXP.exe;

4) and then click on the Generate, saving the file OK.

The Protel DXP2004 registry update

1, improved key management. Automatic backup replacement key.

2, increase the restoration function.

3, full use of digital signature technology, identification and authentication of the EXE file.

4, start the help can be read from the file.

5, support English interface.

6, the operation that is more reasonable.

Decompression password:

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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