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Happy diminshing music iPhone version V1.1.30 official version of Apple's mobile phone Happy diminshing music iOS download | Happy Diminshing Music Edition iPhone The score: 8

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Happy Diminshing music IOS version yes Music elements The company launched a Super fun The apple mobile phone Casual games . Game player need brains attempts, carefully designed each step. Diminshing music IPhone version Project Phoenix To use simple, fun, leisure, a surprise challenge, super adorable cute animal image, is your usual time best Choice .

The game features

" Happy diminshing music "The web version of the line 5 months won more than 50 million of the game player's favorite, QQ space, QQ The game hall The most popular game, by all ages sought after game player! In addition to game player students and employees, but also no shortage of children under the age of 10 and 50 years old people, as long as you can slide your finger you can happiness within! Game player, and more than half of the women's game player, called the most popular female game player game.

Update log

New in version 1.1.30

[Christmas] version, crazy adventure blockbuster hits!

1, [] Christmas polar exploration activities will be opened! Cute little elk, with 15 levels, holding exclusive sincerity Christmas a big gift to you gallop and come, ready to receive the gift of Christmas stockings!

2, [] new debut week winter fun, playful props put Xuehu buried in snow, brought big new ways ~ come and dig treasure brought props!

3, [15 line off] warm line ~ it's cold in winter, the villagers love heart is not closing! The stone driving magic, white ball lightning pestering bird, a Christmas party to open! Move the fingers to eliminate ~ ~ ~ the highest level of fire fire 960!

4, [exclusive] interface beautiful Christmas Beauty You should of course with good interface! Sign panel big change - the Christmas tree full of gifts, this winter we will be different.

5, [100] new sound to accompany you to save the village, let you feel full of love.

6, increase the number of [friends] program brother day and night, success will limit increased from 200 to 300 friends, adding that TA is no longer a problem.

7, [] level level adjustment and innovation monument Designer And the feelings of a crisis, is not fun to make complaints about his girlfriend after, get rid of a large number of "bad" points, allegedly, this is a Christmas gift for girlfriend ~ oh

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