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Time and space Hunter quickly use iPhone version v5.1.812 Apple version Space time Hunter quickly downloaded with IOS version. Time and space Hunter quickly use iPhone version User ratings: 8

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Introduction to the game

Time Hunter Quick version IOS It is a fighting mobile phone online game, super strong blow to pleasure. Unlimited combatant, summoning the beast, awakening kill, giant Boss, so that the whole body immersed in the warm blood battle straightforward. Cross world attack becomes the next era. The king of fighting Unlimited combo, spike kill, full screen gorgeous magic, bring you unprecedented experience of free play.

Time and space hunters quickly use the apple version of the game features.

(1) HD screen experience and combat details are displayed.

2. Give your strength to strike hard and feel fluently.

3. Professional personality, unique and exclusive skills.

Comprehensive awakening and evolution of EX skills.

5. Multiple serial replica exploded BOSS dropped the famous soldier.

 Time and space Hunter quickly use client

Challenge the guild Boss to test the strength of the players.

Arena fair PK kill every one.

Humanized raffle Award for daily Awards

If you don't drop off, you won't need to roar anymore.

Free skills, professional training and personality development.

Strengthen the chance to create the best equipment moment upgrade combat effectiveness

Unaffected by the Internet, smooth and smooth strike.

Update log

Mysterious female characters will be on the stage, loli? Domineering lady? Literature and art? Wild? Time hunter is going to give you the answer!

The machine is about to open, the flames are burning, the ruthless machine breaks the psychological line.

The national attack on the city has increased again, and the great forces of Al ladah have divided the territory.

The new map, the new map "pirate warship" Hunter battlefield expanded again, the battle of guardianship intensified.

New equipment and new equipment will soon unveil the mysterious veil.

The awakening of Gao Fushuai's "ice spirit" is just around the corner. The prince of ice is recovering from ancient blood.

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