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Hunters quickly use iPhone version v5.1.812 Apple version Hunters fast with IOS download | Hunters quickly use iPhone version The score: 8

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The game is introduced

Hunters With the fast version of IOS Is a fighting type mobile phone games, super Madden combat pleasure. Unlimited combos, call animal, awakening, kill the giant Boss, let the body immersed in the heart blood fighting frank. Cross the world to attack become the times The king of Fighters Infinite, batter, strokes, full screen seckill magnificent magic, bring you a hitherto unknown carefree game experience.

Hunters fast with Apple's version of the game features

The HD images show details in place combat experience

The smooth feel cool to fight Jin Madden fun

The occupation personality exclusive gamebreaker attack

The evolution of EX hot open full awakening skills

The various copies of BOSS fall after blasting serial Title magic

 Hunters fast with client

The powerful force challenge Association Boss game player strength test

The arena just PK seckill rich handsome equality

The humanization of the awesome prizes issued daily sweepstakes

I dropped the random team no longer rely roar

The freedom of occupation skill training of personality development

Strengthen the chance to create the best equipment instantly upgrade combat effectiveness

Not affected by the network line smooth smooth blow

Update log

The mysterious female characters coming soon, Lolita? Strong woman? Art? Wild? "The hunter" will give you the answer!

Mecha play is about to open, and the flames erupted, ruthless tear psychological defense mecha!

The siege siege area increased again, arada major forces to carve up the territory!

The new map, the new map of the pirate ship "Hunter battlefield re expansion, protect the war intensified!

New equipment, new equipment will be unveiled, waiting for guards properties!

Tall, rich and handsome "ice" awakening soon, Ice Prince ancient blood recovery, battlefield control now!

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