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Happy landlords iPhone version v5.112.001 official version QQ game happy landlords IOS download | Happy landlords iPhone version The score: 8

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The game is introduced

Happy Fight against landlords IOS version Is a QQ game, in a QQ game is a popular game player is more of a leisure table Poker The game contains landlords classic gameplay, laizigou gameplay and challenge play version collection. Happy landlords version iPhone new friends list, social sharing and other functions, game Project Phoenix Interesting, exciting, come in fact.

The game features

[friends list]

The new friends list, the game PK, and friends together, to fight multiple wealth!

[to share WeChat And space]

The maximum ratio, straight, every self transcendence can share to WeChat and space, more interaction between friends!

 Happy landlords IOS version

Support the laizigou gameplay and challenge [play]

The first mobile phone terminal support laizigou gameplay and challenge play games, there are tasks, grab the landlord, Ming, double play, exciting play to enhance the fun of the game!

The real scene of the game interface []

This time, you will be more real sitting at the table and friends together happy landlords, the real scene of the game interface, let you feel the warmth of home.

[interesting animation game]

The aircraft, the bomb, landlords also have the rich expressions, for landlords to add more joy Music elements

Matters needing attention

This paragraph "happy landlords (QQ official version)" is completely independent, and the PC end and any other platform data can not communicate. The game props inside the game "beans" can not be used for any other application. Similarly, other applications within the props or income can not be used for this game. Tencent on the platform of virtual currency, such as Q coins, Q point can not be used in the game, it is noted.

Update log

1, the new task of the game system, every day there are all kinds of wonderful for you to complete the task, super multi Doug feedback!

2, the new row list "Week Award" list, ranking the top three game player friends every week can get Doug reward!

3, other gaming experience optimization.

Software screenshot

Download address

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