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The game is introduced

NBA iPhone version of the dream team Is the first authorized by the official NBA Mobage By operation of a basketball Mobile Games. The first rich and colorful basketball competition business card 2.0 play, 700 NBA more than the old and new star appeared in the game, Yao Ming, Jeremy Lin, Kobe, James can become a member of you to create exclusive luxury lineup, led by you to the championship glory.

 NBA dream team IOS Download

NBA dream team iPhone version features

1.NBA official authorization to create the most authoritative basketball Mobile Games

More than 500 active retired NBA players will debut in the game, including Kobe, James, Iverson, Maddie and other active players, retired players are Yao Ming, Jeremy Lin and other Chinese light!

2. 3D game screen, to reproduce the true blood basketball spirit

The 3D game screen, show the most incisive personal ability, team tactics, tactical team superstar match

3. multiple game modes, and the world's common competitive game player

Legend, you experience NBA star legend occupation career

The peak of the road, the history of the strong team challenge

The whole service League, full service league system grouping, four groups of three thousand tyrannical teams, decide the extreme strong

The gold cup: bronze, silver, gold cup match, 8 teams compete for the final championship game player team.

The fiery ladder: the most intense, the most cruel, the most popular million people with ladder match, the legendary player gains limited

4. player competition, Hero in the world A hand

To include the strongest players? To win the championship for the beloved star? The draft players meet all the fans really dream

5. star team training and management, to create exclusive your strongest five

From the star players to draft, training, rising star, awakening, and collocation of equipment, MVP by your own culture

The team exclusive skills and tactical formulation, is run by your own blood or defense. Choice

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