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Island Jones official version of iPhone version of v33.131 Island Jones iOS download | Island Jones iPhone version The score: 8

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Game label: Island Jones

Island Jones IPhone version By " Happy camp "Members of the portrait endorsement, island Jones iPhone version is a combat strategy game, in the game, you will start a war epic darkness and evil guards, seize every beachhead to rescue the enslaved islanders.

The game features

- full exploration of crisis and the treasures of the large tropical islands

- the game together with other game player, raid on their base, to enjoy the spoils of war - attack by the dark guards controlled hundreds of unique island bases

With the terrorist enemy Johnson duel, expose their evil plans

- a mysterious force to explore the ancient gods

Update log

Visual effect upgrade

- lava island! The volcano on the island of dark beat guard, get lava crystal

Resource storage building with a new graphics

The statue - new graphics and special effects

- improved defense facilities visual effect, increase the intuitive building foundation, easier to distinguish search

New hot effects: now, the enemy stronghold damage will occur when burning, improve flammenwerfer flame and smoke effects of warships

To improve and increase the rocket exploded and giant cannon shells exploding after launch

To improve the interface

Abstract - Daily pop can now provide more information

- enemy activity logs can be displayed immediately attack the enemy Village

Now, even if the Institute in the upgrade state, you can also enter and view the force properties and upgrade costs (thanks to L3stat's suggestion!)

- corrected value (rocket launcher damage per second Rudeman for comments!)

The game and balance changes

Now, your main base will randomly re grow trees (thanks to all the suggestions put forward!)

- destroy the enemy stronghold, if there remain many enemy buildings, they will quickly explode

- fifth radar added new dive location

Senior game player NPC, improved, senior game player no longer face the low level of the dark Guard Base

Software screenshot

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