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The deer Bigfoot auxiliary v5.6.1 version The deer | download tool The deer Bigfoot auxiliary The score: 8

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The game is introduced

DUKE OF MOUNT DEER Bigfoot auxiliary Is this game software, can provide a lot of important help to the game player in the game, so that every game player can have a more fun gaming experience, a lot of functions is also very practical, fast green resource network to download it.

The deer Bigfoot auxiliary tools

The deer Bigfoot assist is a professional auxiliary plug-in. The main functions include two parts, one is the auxiliary function, can help to buy medicine, blood gas, automatic picking, single attack group etc.. Two is the automatic function, can transport mountain gold, automatic line, automatic brush strange, automatic examination, automatic run, automatic level, after login the game exhaled by the HOME key plug-in, Ctrl+W, double bond: chickens receive and freeze: Ctrl+J.

 Deer tool

The deer Bigfoot auxiliary function

(a) the auxiliary function class

1. automatic medicine (number of custom main drugs)

2. automatically return to the blood gas (Figure drug back to the blood back to the gas gas skills back to the blood back to the mercenary tail treatment)

3. automatic pickup (custom pickup name not picking up the name enter interval)

4. assist sell bags (sell items name non sale items return interval (name) to support the current scene shop)

5. auxiliary storage (storage of goods name return interval) (save)

The 6. auxiliary state (in support of the 5 auxiliary state without setting time, time to automatically repair buff)

The 7. auxiliary attack (support 10 attack)

The 8. auxiliary battle (automatic tail tail for mercenary beasts incarnation)

The 9. auxiliary upgrade (occupation mercenary automatic upgrade magic figure)

10. assisted extraction (custom absorption X star, X following the absorption of all non equipment occupation qualification required equipment; extraction of X the following equipment etc.)

11. material processing (meat, medicine, Cereals, fabric, fur, minerals, timber processing)

12. other auxiliary (receiving novice packs novice card media card; answer alarm automatic answer validation; automatic release; automatic OBE; automatic hell; finishing backpack; reconnection; automatic stripping mercenary mining etc.)

(two) automatic function

1. mountain gold (10 ms card out of the box) 2. automatic line (grade 1-40 main task, custom occupation)

3. automatic brush strange (manual for the current position; coordinate brush strange; custom brush strange monster attack range; specify name return interval; ignore the attack the monster name enter interval; automatic double collar)

4. automatic examination (custom in the imperial times, registration, reward)

5. acquisition (planting farmland, planting logging, late production, each scene of premature custom acquisition time, custom scene name and collecting items name; lack of physical strength when fishing)

6. occupation tasks (custom number, maximum support 35 times; custom reward type; option open door to door, use a copy of the box (7.) Wu treasure custom task number custom body skills not to enter Custom Scene interval)

8. automatic open map (customized open chest body custom not to enter custom skills scene interval)

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