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Baidu magic map PK v5.1.7.5 PC version of the official star face Baidu magic map computer download | Baidu magic figure PK star face The score: 8

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Software introduction

Baidu magic figure PK star face (Baidu magic figure computer version) Is a very powerful Mito software . The software has a special feature is the PK star face, take a picture, and the big coffee stars PK, to see who is more handsome, who is more beautiful, very interesting. Quickly download experience!

Baidu magic map computer version features

1. easy lift slimming, HOLD live perfect figure

As long as the fingertips or touch, you can easily whitening, Dermabrasion Acne, enlarge the eyes, face, thin, tailored for self love and beauty like you.

2. cartoon theme jewelry material, more fashionable

Naruto One Piece, The Smurfs, Arale...... All kinds of Cartoon Theme Jewelry collecting large, will make animation lovers drool with envy. Baidu magic figure 2 new cartoon theme jewelry and more exquisite material, make you more beautiful pictures are more interesting.

3. open Baidu account login privilege

Baidu magic figure 2 will open Baidu account login privilege, do not spend money to enjoy the privilege, login to use more high-quality and real-time filter material.

The 4. rotary cutting and toning, not one less

Adjust the brightness, contrast, cutting, rotating flip picture and so on, the basic picture of color correction and processing technology. The background curve adjusting technology, the user can drag the slider.

Magic figure computer version features

Easy face slimming, HOLD live perfect figure

 Magic figure computer version
Massive decoration, show personality photos

 Magic map computer version download

Rotary cutting and toning, not one less

 Figure PK magic star face
real time Cymera At any time, make art fan children

Create exquisite Eyeliner Charm Magic Eye, playful foil sweet fresh blush

 Magic figure
Casual puzzle, create your own photo wall

 Magic PC version

Figure PK magic star face instructions

Upload your own photos to Pk star face, need to be cautious!! do not upload personal photos or others! Baidu launched the star face, I think in the collection of personal photos, to prepare for the future launch of face recognition. You can imagine, the way you took a stranger, then search, can put personal information or privacy information found out. At present is to use star face features to attract all aboard. There may be behind the more application.
Because of the angle of photo light, may calculate different stars, so you can change the angle, hairstyle, dress, make a variety of star face! Please try to test their star!

The user will be deleted immediately after the photo PK

The user photos will be immediately delete in comparison, not the user face data acquisition. "Baidu magic figure PK star face using Baidu's deep learning based on the Face recognition Is the process technology, face feature extraction and star user in the photo images were compared, by similarity, will be deleted immediately in the cache of user pictures, not the user face data acquisition." In addition, another product of Baidu Baidu Identify the images "Face the whole network in the search, only to retrieve the image data on the Internet is open, users will not be involved in any photo upload application.

Software screenshot

Download address

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The first floor Liaoning Liaoyang peace Sand Hill Street Paradise Cafe guest users Published: 2015/1/27 13:53:56
Good, very good use, download it

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