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Introduction to the game

Dynasty Warriors 4 Chinese version It's the most classic game in the real Three Kingdoms game. Single player game The game inherits the foundation of the first 3 generations, and adds many new elements and improvements. In the rendering and processing of the game, the work has been greatly improved. It can not only show more soldiers and depth of field, but also minimize the occurrence of the phenomenon of stealth or delay when fighting fiercely, so as to make the fighting more fluent. Welcome to download.

Shin Sangoku Musou 4 Special Introduction:

"True Three Kingdoms 4" is developed by the glorious company, and on the battlefield stage, it is the latest in a series of thousands of popular action games. In addition to the extremely bright picture, even if the number of screens is too much, there will be no slowing down phenomenon. Even the distant scenery can be seen. The new weather and the alternation of the night will change the performance of each attribute weapon. There are three strongholds for attacking the strongholds, defending the strongholds and supplying the strongholds in the 4 real two kingdoms.

 True three kingdoms are unique Chinese version 4

Shin Sangoku Musou 4 Special Characteristics:

Guarding the generals system

In the previous generations, the players were leading 8 guards to fight against the enemy, but in this work they changed to a system that only led 1 guards to fight with the players. Although the number of people has been greatly reduced, these guards will have the abilities and skills to compete with the generals, and are not inferior to the strength of the 8 guards in the past. They will learn nearly 10 special abilities in their growth process. The guard will grow along with the process of the war. The types of growth are divided into 4 categories: "child prodigy", "scholar talent", "hero" and "genius". When they are joined, they will be evaluated by Sima, the famous "good looking person" in the Three Kingdoms era.

Action design is more forthright

In addition to the original attack mode, the whole series of action combat parts also added a lot of action designs that could make the enemy bold and aggressive. These new action designs allow the player to knock down more enemies and experience super fast and quick combat fun in one attack.

In addition, almost full screen of enemy soldiers and meticulous battle scenes and other stage performances also make it easier for players to integrate emotions into the game. In terms of horse fighting, it did not draw the highlights of the "warrior country's unparalleled", and the offensive means were generally the same as those of the previous ones, but improvements were made in terms of launching. When the officer approaches the horse, the white aperture will appear on the ground. He can turn over the horse in any place within the aperture so as to avoid the awkward position of his predecessor.

Restoring ancient ways Weapon system

The weapon system of this generation is also different from that of the previous generation, instead of adopting a system similar to that of the 2 generation. Players can get weapons in the treasure box of the game level, and confirm the type and capability of weapons after passing the customs. There will be some differences in the weapons obtained. For example, the number of consecutive attacks varies from 4~6 to 9 depending on the weapons. If there is an additional evolutionary attack capability, it can reach up to 9 segments. The "weight" is divided into "light", "standard" and "heavy", which will affect the speed and damage of the attack; the additional effect will add the same effect as the skill props. Each character can hold up to 4 weapons at most, and all kinds of "jade" books that can add attribute attacks still exist, such as allowing the enemy to burn the "jade" that continues to damage, freezing the enemy's freezing defense and reducing the inability to move the "ice jade", and the first "Yanyu" with a certain probability of letting the Batman strike or kill the enemy in proportion, resulting in an additional attack that can be given to the enemy.

 True three kingdoms are no match for 4 hard disk version

Charming role of the generals

The generals in the game include Zhao Yun, Cao Cao, Zhou Yu, Cao Pi, Zhang Fei's actress and Zuo Ci, etc. there are 48 roles. Each Wudu has designed its own special movements and weaponry. Players can control all the above generals and enjoy the fighting styles of different characters. The former is designed by the escort force, while the original is a guard escort. Using the number of points gained in the battle, the guard will grow and learn special skills, and provide strong support for the players with their ability to compete with the famous generals. In addition, the warriors will play a strong role in the "unaccompanied dart", which is an indispensable and powerful partner in the clearance.

The game is close to perfection.

The animation of this movie is the most exciting part of the series, and the famous martial arts models have been further improved, and each of them is full of flesh and blood. The interface of the function table is very fresh, and the background is vast, deep and boundless desert. From time to time, the sand fog will be raised, so that the players can not help but devote themselves to the chaotic war in the interface of the function table.

KOEI uses the improved version of the new engine to improve the image quality greatly, but it is limited by the limitation of PS2 function. Compared with the previous work, it has no qualitative leap, but it can clearly see buildings and even characters in the distance. Moreover, the number of soldiers displayed on the same screen is far ahead, and players' on-the-spot sensation has risen sharply. The slow down phenomenon and the "stealth soldier" problem, which had been criticized by players, have been solved in the single player mode. However, the stealth problem is still very serious in the two person mode, and is often baffled by K. Characters in the game Head portrait There is a suspicion of Jerry building, especially the one generation of master Zhu Geliang, who is portrayed as a second rate wizard rather than a previous series of characters.

Rich game mode

In the game mode, the original unparalleled mode is improved, instead of "force" as the direction of the story, instead of returning to the role based approach, with the experience of the warriors' respective biography, allowing players to experience the story of each of the generals in the game, presenting the story of Three Kingdoms career. For example, although Zhao Yun belonged to the war of the Shu Kingdom, but in the early battle of the yellow towel thief, it was under yuanshao's command, and later in the game, he went to the Liu Bei army with the development of the plot.

In addition, in the "transmission mode", players can enjoy a new story that ends with a checkpoint. This includes fictional stories and wild history anecdotes that have not happened before. The "Sao Luo mode" is similar to the unmatched mode, but players should continue to go through the short story in the continuous development. Players can strengthen the role of the warrior in this mode. It also includes the "challenge mode" and the difficulty in all six routes. Choice The simple mode of "entry".

True Three Kingdoms 4 Chinese version :

As for many newbies who can't get the goods, the "valuables report" is the so-called information about the items. First, according to the difficulty and process described below, until the "valuables report" appears, the pause button is entered into the campaign information interface, and then the battlefield intelligence is selected to find the information of the "valuables report". At this time, there will be yellow markings on the map, and a red and yellow square box will be found to break the pickup items.

 True Three Kingdoms 4 Chinese version


Red Rabbit

1. in the battle of Changshan, Yuan Shaojun, after beating anyone in Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Liu Bei, broke the remaining two people in the next 1 minutes.

2. in the battle of Yanzhou, players beat more than 300 people and occupy all enemy attacks.


1. in the battle of Chengdu, the Liu Bei army, 1 minutes after Zhang's ambush appeared, the player broke up Zhang Ren, valuables report.

On the 2. floor, Mulberry Village was rescued, and the three regional rescue was completed within 300 seconds.

Flying electricity

1. in the battle of Guandu, the Cao Cao army, within 5 minutes after the beginning of this pass, broke the report of Yan Liang, Wen Chou and valuables.

2., after fighting for the emperor and taking back the carriage of the emperor, there was no attack on the carriage between 240 seconds.


1. in the 45 years after the battle of Liangzhou and the coalition forces, "Zhang Ji army and Hu Jun Legion" appeared, players broke up Zhang Ji, Hu Hu and valuables.

2. the battle of Jicheng did not knock down any enemy within 120 seconds, and opened three gates (including inner gates) of Ji Cheng, or broke 300 people in 300 seconds after starting, and occupied all enemies into the stronghold.

Elephant stirrup

1. in the battle of South China, the Nan army defeated Zhang Bao, Zhang Liang and Bo Cai within 5 minutes after the beginning of this pass. We were thinking about the king, the gudu bone and the wood deer Wang Jian. Besides the Pei Yuanshao and the Hai Hai corps, no other enemy troops entered the bottom left side of the map.

2. the decisive battle in South China, before part of the beast troops retreat, break down the summer horse, Jia Kui and Wei Jun knives and trucks.

Shin Sangoku Musou 4 Special Game Evaluation:

Movie animation will definitely make you feel excited. Glory seems to have anticipated the player's mentality. After entering the game, I was surprised to find that a nice menu interface. The background is vast, deep and boundless desert. In the breeze, there are times of rising sand fog, which makes people devote themselves to the chaotic war in the menu interface.


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