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Dynasty Warriors 4 single Chinese hard disk version Chinese version Dynasty Warriors 4 Chinese download | Dynasty Warriors 4 single Chinese hard disk version The score: 8

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The game is introduced

Dynasty Warriors 4 Chinese version Is the most classic warriors game series in a Single game The game, inherited before 3, and added many new elements and improved, showing the picture of the game and processing, this has greatly improved, not only can show more soldiers, and will further depth of the battlefield, fierce battle of stealth or delay phenomenon of the probability of falling to a minimum, so that the fighting is more smooth. Welcome to download.

Shin Sangoku Musou 4 Special Brief introduction:

"Dynasty Warriors 4" was developed by Koei, ikkitousen the popular action game "Warriors" series of the latest in the battlefield on the stage. In addition to the ultimate picture bright outside, even if the number of the same screen more also does not appear to slow down the phenomenon, and even can see the distant scene, new weather and night shifts, each attribute weapons performance also become a brand new one. "Dynasty Warriors 4" and an additional attack defense stronghold stronghold, a stronghold stronghold of supply.

 Dynasty Warriors 4 Chinese version

Shin Sangoku Musou 4 Special Characteristic:

Guard generals system

In previous generations, leading up to 8 game player are the guards together on thebattlefield, but in this for the change to the system only led the 1 guards role alongside generals and game player. Although a substantial reduction in the number, but the guard generals has the ability and skills to compete with general, is not inferior to the past 8 of the guard force, nearly 10 kinds of special abilities in their growth process can be learned. As for the process of guard generals will grow and grow, the type is divided into "child prodigy", "Scholar", "Jie", "Wizards" in 4, from the Three Kingdoms era known good "Sima to be evaluated in the water mirror" emblem added.

The action design more straightforward

In the whole series of action to combat said, in addition to the original mode of attack, also joined a number of the enemy will be flying out of the action bold design. The new design of action, let the game player can be in an attack, the more enemies down, to experience the super quick battle fun.

In addition, the picture will almost stuffed and describe the detailed battlefield the stage performance, also let the emotion into the game player more easily in the game. The fight riding did not learn from the "samurai warriors" in the bright spot, the attack before and are generally the same, but the horse has improved. Close to the ground after the horse generals will appear white aperture, anywhere can turn the horse in the aperture, avoid from the previous location did not stand there with jump embarrassment.

Retro Weapon system

This generation of weapon system is different from the previous generation, instead of the 2 generation and the similar system. To acquire the weapons in the game game player level of the chest, and confirm the type and capacity of weapons in clearance, the weapon will have some differences, such as different number of continuous attacks "in weapons and 4 ~ 6 section of the attack, if there are additional attacks can evolution up to 9; weight" into "light" and "standard" and "heavy" 3, the attack speed and damage caused by the impact force; "the additional effect" will effect the same additional skills and props. Each role up to save the 4 weapon, a variety of additional properties can attack the jade "still exists, for example, can let the enemy burn injury sustained" Yan jade ", let the enemy defense stand down to move the frozen" ice ", and for the first time with a certain probability to a shot or let the generals soldier in order to cause major damage to the proportion of" Yin Yu "and can give the enemy no defense for the additional attack" Yangyu".

 Dynasty Warriors 4 hard disk version

Charismatic generals role

In the game, including actress Zhao Yun Cao Cao, Prince Zhou Yu, Cao Pi, Zhang Fei color and Keats, a total of 48 multi role. Each Wudu designed proprietary action and weaponry, game player can control over all the generals, enjoy different characters fighting style. Before is designed by guard forces, and this is the game player alongside guard generals". The battle of access points, guard generals to grow and learn special skills, ability and its rival famous generals, strong support for the game player. In addition, with the game player cast "peerless generals force a flurry of" powerful super, the guard is indispensable when generals pass strong partner.

Close to perfect picture of the game

The titles animation is a series of the most exciting, those famous generals shape further improved, each true to life. The function table interface feel very fresh, the background is the boundless vast desert, from time to time will set off the sand mist, is in the function table can't help game player interface has devoted himself to the chaos of the war era.

KOEI uses a modified version of the new engine to greatly improve the image quality, but limited to the PS2 function limits, and before there was no qualitative leap, but on the battlefield can clearly see the distant buildings or people. And the number of the same screen display of the soldiers are far ahead, game player telepresence increased significantly. Once the game player criticized slow and the phenomenon of the "stealth soldier" has solved the problem in single player mode, but in the double stealth mode problem is still very serious, often be rather baffling to be K and fly, was found to be surrounded by. The character in the game Head portrait Have cut corners too, especially the generation strategy guru Zhu Geliang is drawn like a second rate wizard, as before the series of portraits.

A variety of game modes

In the game model, the original conquest mode be improved, no longer the "forces" for the story to the mind, but return to the role as the way to experience their generals biography, let the game player can plot every generals their experience in the game, showing three hero career stories. For example, although Zhao Yun membership of Shu in the early years of the war, but the battle is in Jin ze2 with Yuan Shao's, after the game is also with the development of the story will turn to Liu Bei in.

In addition to the "outside the game player mode" can enjoy a new level on the end of the story - this includes fictional stories and anecdotes of the past did not appear "unofficial; similar Xiuluo mode unique mode, but in the short story game player growing continuously from pass down, game player can be in this mode in order to get the props to strengthen the role of generals. It also includes a total of six lines of "challenge mode", in difficulty Choice A simple entry mode "in".

Dynasty Warriors 4 Chinese edition games :

For many novice hit items, "valuables" report, is the so-called hit information items. First of all, according to the following description and the difficulty of operation, until the emergence of "valuables report", then press the pause button to enter the battle information interface, after selecting the battlefield intelligence to find "valuables" report that one piece of information, the map will be yellow logo, here to find a square box of red and yellow to break up goods.

 Dynasty Warriors 4 Chinese version



The 1. battle of Changshan, Yuan Shaojun Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, Liu Bei break the game player, any one of the following, in the next 1 minutes and then the remaining two people break, valuables report.

The 2. battle of Yanzhou, more than 300 people break the game player and the occupation of the enemy stronghold, all attacks.


In the 1. battle of Chengdu, Liu Bei, Zhang Ren ambush appeared within 1 minutes after the break, game player Zhang Ren, valuables report.

Mulberry Village 2. floor rescued 300 seconds after the start of war, three regional rescue.

Flying electric

The 1. battle of Guandu, Cao Cao's army, in the beginning of the Customs within 5 minutes after the break, game player was Wenchou, valuables report.

2. battle Xian, Xian recaptured by coach after 240 seconds without carriage attack.


The 1. battle of Liangzhou, the Union army, "Zhang Ji Zhen Hu legion, Legion" information appears after 45 seconds of game player, Zhang Ji, Hu Zhen break, valuables report.

2., the war of the city, after the start of 120 seconds without any enemy down, open the three door Hebei city (including Neimen), or after the start of 300 seconds to break 300, and occupied all the enemy into the stronghold.

Like the stirrup

1. south of the war, in the Nanman army, beginning within 5 minutes after the break, Zhang Bao Zhang Liang, our only wave, King Duosi, wutugu wood, deer big Wang Jian, and Pei Yuanshao, in addition, the Legion has no enemy map into the bottom left, valuables report.

2. south in battle, (part of) troops retreat before the beast, break, Jia Kui and Wei surname knife car

Shin Sangoku Musou 4 Special Game evaluation:

Film animation will make you feel surging, glory seems to expect game player mentality, after entering the game, I was surprised to find good, fresh menu interface! The background is the boundless vast desert, the breeze from time to time to set off a sand fog, has been devoted to the chaos of the war in the era of the menu interface.


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