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The free version of Pro 0.7 WPE WPE Chinese version pro0.7c download | WPE Pro 0.7 The score: 8

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The Chinese version of WPE pro0.7c is a very useful programming tool, can be used for making the game hanging, modify the game and so on, complete functions, need friends not to miss, so what, come to download it green resources network!

The Chinese version of WPE pro0.7c software

In most of the tools into Winsock has been packaged as a control, become a network into control, is very convenient, the use of this control, you can write programming tools hanging tools, such as the use of VB can be very easy to write good hang.

 The Chinese version of WPE pro0.7c

The Chinese version of WPE pro0.7c software

SELECT GAME Choice At present in the memory you want to intercept program, you simply double click the program name.

TRACE tracking function. Used to track the sending and receiving the packet capture program. WPE must first complete the click for tracking the program name, can use this project. Press the Play button to capture program to send and receive packets. You can always press the | | suspended track, please press the | | to continue. Press the square can stop capture packets and display all the contents of the packet capture. If you don't press the square stop key, tracing the action will be in accordance with the OPTION value automatic stop. If you don't have to capture the data, try the OPTION adjusted for Winsock Version 2. WPE and Trainers are set in the display of at least 16 bits color can be implemented.

FILTER filtering function. To analyze the captured packets, and be modified.

SEND PACKET send packet. Can let you send fake packets.

TRAINER MAKER making modifications.

OPTIONS set function. Let you adjust the set value of some WPE.

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