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The game is introduced

The king of Fighters Wing1.3 Is a classic fighting Mobile Games action The king of fighters, the original hero, runaway Iori strong incoming, Nirvana cool full, this small series brings detailed moves the table and game resources for the game player, welcome to download experience green resources network!

The king of Fighters Wing 1.3 game

KOF wing1.3 has experienced six months of recovery sleep again, a warm-up recovery the KOF wing1.3 version is just finished, uplift and misete in this mode, 7 characters in all finished. The runaway mode is also key Iori KOF wing1.3, the runaway mode of non real runaway man, is carried out in eight on the basis of change, call to runaway man.

The KOF wing1.3 single version features

The moves, in addition to basic attacks, also achieved a throw, defense technology, super cancel, cancel. Continuous technology is a major focus of the game, Nirvana can cancel the common technology, gas explosion after Nirvana can be connected to nirvana or super nirvana, which can be combined into various combos.

how to play

A: W S A D game player control the up and down, U light I light boxing, leg, O gas explosion, J punch, K heavy legs, dodge L.

Game player two: the next key control around 4 light punch, 5 light legs, 6 gas explosion, 1 punch, 2 legs, 3 dodge.

KOF wing1.3 strike

 KOF wing1.3 version

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The first floor of the Chongqing telecom users guests Published: 2017/7/11 8:27:18
Classic arcade game KOF, can even practise, but also good, praising!

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