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The game is introduced

Legend of Mir II 10th anniversary complete client Love is a specially designed for the legendary game friends. Computer game client, with which you can play on the computer to complete the legendary 10th anniversary anniversary edition, interested in quickly to the Green Resources Network Download experience!

Brief introduction of Mir 10th anniversary

The "blood" legend 10th anniversary client is a classic role-playing computer game "hot blooded legend" 10th anniversary anniversary edition "Mir" is the client. Grand game The launch of a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), the game has a warrior, magician and Taoist three kinds of occupation, and experience all the plot of the value and made all kinds of hunting and mining activities are occurring on the network immediately.

Mir system characteristics

In the game map, in addition to various city center a small security zone to PK, any other place can be arbitrary PK.

Leveling: "small" map and many of the players is a pair of irreconcilable contradictions, PK has become the only solution, the strong monster can occupy a high refresh rate of the region.

BOSS : the organization scale of PK occurred in the BOSS brush out of place.

Siege : full service the largest PK activity occurs only in the area of the siege.

Malicious PK : no reason, or see you have good equipment, as to BOSS to kill you.

Hate to kill : Yuanjialuzhai, meet the first open PK mode.

PK practice : the exchange between friends.

Attack mode Divided into: peace mode, all modes, guild mode, mode of organization, Fit Master mode, mode, evil mode.

Attack shabak From the beginning of eight to ten pm, the end of the night; at ten in the evening before the attack Shabak guild or alliance guild if all originally occupied Shabak's guild members out of the Shabak palace or killed, that is considered the siege of victory.


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