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Hungry v8.8.2 version of the Android app online meal ordering Hungry to download mobile phone version | Hungry online meal ordering app The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Hungry Takeaway app

Hungry Mobile phone client Is a popular favorite delicacy ordering software. The hungry platform has covered a number of domestic city areas, to provide a safe, green, sweet delicacy ordering service for the user. Provide breakfast, lunch and dinner, delicacy services, mobile phone points, meal delivery! The mobile phone is lazy necessary Take-out food App! Users need to download welcome to use green resources in network.

Hungry official

Hungry app is hungry for Android mobile phone users tailored, hungry "integration of catering brand and line under the cyber source, users can easily search around the restaurant through the mobile phone, computer, online ordering, enjoy the delicacy. At the same time, "hungry" convey to the user a healthy, younger diet and lifestyle. In addition to creating value for customers, hungry first proposed the concept of C2C online meal ordering, solutions provide integrated operation for offline restaurant.

Hungry mobile phone version features

All kinds of drinks discounts constantly;

Take photos delicacy comments, fun to eat out;

Including the nearby takeaway delicacy, booking reservation;

Notify the takeaway, timely delivery;

Intelligent selection sort restaurant, convenient meal;

 Hungry app

Hungry app characteristics

The way of hot delivery

Hungry [hot] - called the hungry, this winter is no longer cold!

New welfare

Takeaway ordering new users, minus 20 yuan, so you get more red!

Big endorsement

Kobe & Wong Cho Lam joint endorsement, invite you to enjoy the feast, enjoy the delicacy, red!

Coverage area

Hungry now the country has covered 1000+ City, covering nearly 700000 + takeaway restaurant, 50000+ restaurant chain brands, such as McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, pizza hut, sea fishing etc..

The snare around the various types of food, Western-style food, takeaway, fast food, snack, Hot pot, barbecue, baked, hamburger, breakfast, afternoon tea, supper, desserts, sweets, fruits, flowers, fruits and vegetables, fresh food, sushi, cake, coffee, shopping in the supermarket...... All kinds of special offer discount package, full discount, minus the discount package, as in the hungry!

Update log

V7.4.1 update:

1. discount shopping cart information display optimization.

2. pre orders delivery time optimization.

3. membership card to open new electronic invoice function.

4. order list added the "my favorite" section.

Software screenshot

Download address

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