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The game is introduced

Need for speed 13 Chinese version Is the "need for speed" series of thirteenth works. A game before the game, the picture quality and the real driving feeling has been greatly improved, let the game player feel like a real racing game game player is not the same; bring the world famous track. Come to the Green Resources Network Download experience!

Need for speed 13

"Need for speed 13: variable" developed by Slightly Mad Studios of a company raC . In the 2009 year 09 month 15 day release.

Need for speed: speed more emphasis on professional driver's career, through the driver file to record the achievement after the game game player experience. In addition, the new 18 track 50 provides kinds of route configuration, time and the real world and the fictional track track.

The game features

Real drift

"Need for speed 13" will be hitherto unknown way to reproduce the true feeling of driving high-end racing gallop. The exciting features including a first camera driver perspective super real and new car damage mechanism, make the core game player deeply immersed in action games, with the most advanced operation mode for driving the car feel unparalleled speed and feeling.

physical simulation

The car is not only other authentic experience, "need for speed: Shift" also changed the style of the past, to the pursuit of real driving experience, and enhance physical simulation.

It is understood that the source of the physical system to simulate the game as "Ferrari Project", and has been involved in the development of another real Racing game "Richard Burns rally" (Richard Burns Rally) Eero Piitulainen said they have to

Tire specially designed a new physical model.

The cockpit view

Another major feature of the new game is to provide the cab driver (game player) perspective, and the head of the physical effect will be very prominent, it will be one of the main differences between "variable" and other games.


EA claimed that the driver data model is the ultimate extension of the real experience of the driver, let the game player is no longer confined to a single occupation career and online multiplayer mode, according to their different performance on the track of the one and only enjoy the gaming experience.

Realistic graphics

EA Need for Speed SHIFT announced the "thirteenth generation" is the series sequel, the main real driving simulation. The Mad developer Slightly day before Studios proudly said, "NFS SHIFT" is the "history of the most beautiful pictures of the racing game". And all the screenshots released within the game are the real picture, rather than rendering.

Dynamic fuzzy and smoke

In the 3D game, smoke effect and dynamic fuzzy effect is an indicator of the quality assessment of a very important game. High quality smoke effect and dynamic fuzzy effect often give people a sense of reality.

Operations Guide

Press the arrow keys to control the car is moving

Press the Shift button (right) is the handbrake

Is the space bar by accelerating nitrogen

Press the R key is to reset the vehicle

Press the B button to look backwards

Press the F key to switch Perspective

Is Insert according to the file

According to the Delete file

Is to switch the C button up mode

The key position is above 13 nrburgring default keyboard, but I suggest that the landlord is best to use the wheel to play, because the need for speed 13 closer to the truth, so use the keyboard to operate it would be very difficult to control, for example, if you use the wheel to turn it can control the turning point, if then press down the keyboard automatically go to the maximum, so it is difficult to control, which is used by one of the difference between the keyboard and the steering wheel.

Drift method

13 it is difficult to drift is also very simple, if there is no auxiliary system drift, is difficult, is the most true, but it is not considered an entry-level game player. I also experience the drift of the system by the method of 13 entry-level keyboard. One day down the track of personal achievement: SPA, PTS (LAP): 1200, the longest drift time: 5+s.

Drift preparation: 1 difficult to tune the lowest, namely open auxiliary system.

2 automatic.

3 vehicle choice: slower EA provides the flick in the car, BMW can, for the convenience of. Without modification or adjustment.

Methods: (drift to the right shift for example)

Step 1: absolute important link. Adjust the front straight, try not to move around key, even if the adjustment is straight gently repeatedly, not

Can heavy.

2 turn: see the curve after the tap right arrow keys 1 to 2, click the handbrake button, immediately reverse direction key, and then point the right direction key,

Some key points, otherwise it will reverse the runway. If you want a long time drift don't loose throttle, but also repeatedly press about the direction

The key, is about to be quick on oh. The purpose is to adjust the direction of the head.

3: drift end bending. Recommended for novice to release the accelerator pedal, and then press the button to adjust the throttle, prevent too fast is not good for the next corner.

Written in the last: drift must practice with that only a few key, what is written above is only personal, not necessarily suitable for everyone.

Common problems in game solution

1, antivirus software and game program conflict, close all anti-virus software or software protection.

2, please make sure the game is English unzip.

3, Microsoft NET.Framework. Download: Microsoft.NET Framework 2 Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5

.NET Framework V3.5 download address: Http://

4, please make sure enough space on the hard disk drive, hard disk format for NTFS format, FAT32 format 4G and 4G cannot be stored in the file above.

5, this game is a complete Chinese hard disk version, click to start the game pop-up Dialog box Is the finished patch, please click OK to ignore.

Operating instructions

1, to extract the compressed package

2, install the game

3, run "started the game into the game.

Version: game full HD full cut, animation, integration of traditional Chinese official patch, the installation can play


Download address

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