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Software introduction

Turn for flash pass end Shanxi's development is business services Limited is a mobile phone application, the application is mainly for Take-out food Two areas and express, users need to open the main app immediately experience the Internet era o2o advanced logistics services, homes will be able to get all the things you want to buy, is a very convenient mobile phone platform, love to green resources network to download it!

Turn for flash pass end application

It is designed to send by the turn of the first business team founded for local life service platform of the Internet platform, users committed to enjoy intellectual life in the city, taking advantage of the technology of the Internet, break the traditional business The boundary, users can enjoy the experience of home goods / services. Turn for flash pass end, is to create the delivery personnel APP. Turn sent, Chi - City life!

 Turn for flash pass end app Download

Turn for flash pass end function

Turn for flash pass end is created for the service life of the local Internet service platform dedicated to users enjoy intellectual life in the city, taking advantage of the technology of the Internet, breaking the traditional business boundaries, users can enjoy the perfect product / service home experience.

Turn for flash is based on a recursive end Crowd-sourcing O2O logistics services, through the certification of free delivery man nearby Choice Orders, to provide users with timely delivery, errands, and wind home service life.

Turn for flash pass end highlights

It is sent by the Shanxi's development and operation of Business Services Limited China leading special distribution and high-end takeaway O2O platform to enjoy intellectual city life "for the purpose, to provide efficient, fast and safe delivery service for users and universal errands. Flash pass platform to concentrate on building the brand (special delivery staff), regardless of the customer where delivery to flash the most efficient complete customer request, the entire one complete distribution, more rapid, more convenient and more secure.

Turn for flash pass terminal

1. turn for make full use of the Internet without borders, cross regional, mass information, mass user advantages, and fully tap the line resources, and thus contribute to goods and services transactions both online and offline users;

2. turn sent to business marketing effect intuitively Statistics Tracking and evaluation, avoid the traditional marketing model and the effects can be unpredictable, online and offline consumer orders with consumer behavior all can accurate statistics, and attract more businesses to come in, to provide more quality products and services for consumers;

3. to provide a variety of high-quality special delivery of errands service, makes the service more quickly, more convenient and more secure.

About the developer

Shanxi's Business Services Limited formerly known as Shanxi run business services Co. Ltd. is an innovative technology company, founded in January 2016, headquartered in Shanxi, Lvliang. The company located in the high-tech software development Mobile Internet service providers and service operators, is committed to the Internet (mobile Internet plus traditional Internet application) development, innovation, operation, platform integration services company, to high-tech as a starting point to technology as the core, the powerful technological support for the team, committed to the government, enterprises and individuals and provide all kinds of Internet operators application solutions, software development. The main services include Internet based application services, Internet services, operation and promotion of enterprise mobile information services and software development services etc.. Operating under turn series products, the use of mobile Internet and big data technology, mode of city life service innovation, the integration of market resources, build up the city life convenient information service platform, to meet the diversified demand and increase the public service life.

Developer: Shanxi's Business Services Limited

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